High Season is Over in Mahahual

High season in Mahahual and Costa Maya is officially over. Last Friday was the last 2 cruise ship day of the season. There is a cruise ship here on April 30, and two in May, but besides that not much going on in the cruise ship department. Also all the “Snow Birds” are packing up and moving north, and some have already gone back.

Last 2 ship day of 2014-2015 season, last Friday.

Last 2 ship day of 2014-2015 season, last Friday.

So Mahahual has gotten real quiet over the past weekend, and a lot of the people that work and live in Mahahual during cruise ship season are also packing up and going home to their respective homes and villages throughout Mexico. A lot of the tour guides that work at the port head to different parts of Mexico and conduct tours there. Also a lot of the vendors head to Playa del Carmen, Cancun, or Cozumel, and work there during the summer months here.

I have heard that the port is taking the opportunity during the low season here to do some renovations and upgrading to the port. Also there is going to be a lot of concentration on getting the water park open, and provide access from the port to the water park. I am not sure of all the details, but I will try to find out as much information about this as I can, and I will share later when I have more about this subject.

So there is going to a lot of activity and changes going on in Mahahual this summer. A lot of emphasis also during this low season will be to concentrate on attracting tourists to the hotels and beaches here during the summer. During Semana Santa this year, I saw a lot of Mexican tourists from all over Mexico, and even some from Belize. I think when these people go back to their homes and cities and tell people how pristine and beautiful the beaches are here, that also will encourage tourists to come here.

This time of year is interesting here, it seems like as soon as cruise ship and high season ends, European season starts here in Mahahual. I have noticed this over the past week. This past week and weekend, I have met people from France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. I call this time of year “European Hippie Back Pack Season” here in Mahahual. The hostels here fill up with backpackers from Europe who seem to arrive in April and May, and travel around Mexico and Central American during the summer. Each year it seems like I have seen an increase in Europeans traveling here, and it has started already.

I lot of these Europeans I meet here, are in Mahahual for the first time, and they all marvel about how quaint and beautiful Mahahual is. I met a couple of young women from Germany the other day on the beach here, and I showed them around and went to dinner with them at the Ibiza Sunset, and they could not stop talking about how much they loved the beaches here.

My two German friends at dinner at Ibiza Sunset.

My two German friends at dinner at Ibiza Sunset.

I helped some French people the other day find a scuba diving trip to Banco Chinchorro, and they came back and told me how much they loved it. I also hooked a guy from England with some dives while he and his family were in town. We also are getting more European families this time of year than we have in the past. I have met several different European families here lately, where in the past I mostly dealt with single Europeans traveling in pairs or together in a group, I am now meeting a lot of husband, wife, and kids.

I have written several posts about Europeans and the backpackers that come through Mahahual, and one “European Back Packer Time of Year in Mahahual”, I go into detail about backpackers, you can read this in the archives of this blog. https://costamayalife.com/2014/05/14/european-back-packer-time-of-year-in-mahahual-mexico/

I like this time of year here because of all the people I get to meet from countries all over Europe and the world. May and June are great times to come and visit Mahahual and Costa Maya. Things slow down, rates in hotels are cheaper, and there are always different people traveling through Mahahual on their way to someplace else.

I have several people coming down in May and June to look at maybe buying some property or a home in Mahahual. Now is the time to come to Mahahual because the weather is not that hot, and rainy season does not start for quite awhile. Over the next couple of days I will be doing some articles on things to do in the summer in Mahahual, and some specials on hotel rooms, and different things during low season that you might want to take advantage of.

So if you have ever thought of maybe visiting or coming for a vacation in Mahahual, now is a great time. I will be here, Europeans will be here, and the beaches will be here waiting on you. In fact I can guarantee you, your own private spot on the beach with no one to bother you, just sun, cool breezes, and sand.

Private spot on beach.

Private spot on beach.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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