More Questions and Comments about Mahahual


Today I am going to answer some questions and share some comments I have gotten recently from blog readers.

I will post the questions then answer.

“I am curious why you do not recommend flying into Chetumal and then taking the bus into Mahahual. Thanks in advance!”

This is a great question and I get it all the time. First of all, Chetumal is not an international airport, and to get to Chetumal from the USA or Canada, you have to fly into Mexico City and then catch a flight to Chetumal, and then take the bus here. This adds about 8 hours of flight time to your trip from the USA, and it is quite expensive. You cannot fly into Chetumal from Cancun.

Most major cities in the USA and Canada have daily flights to Cancun and most of the time the rates are pretty inexpensive. For instance you can fly from Atlanta, Ga. or Charlotte, NC to Cancun for around $250 USD round trip. And the flight time is usually 2 hours. A lot of people fly out of Miami, Fla. and Houston TX to Cancun for even cheaper than that.

It is also my understanding that flights out of Mexico City to Chetumal also are very expensive. I met a woman last week who flew into Mexico City and then to Chetumal, and she said it cost more to fly to Chetumal from Mexico City than for her to fly to the USA from Mexico City.

Also, almost all of the expats who live in Belize fly into Cancun when they go to or come back from the USA and Canada. It is also very expensive to fly into the Belize airport from the USA and Canada (almost 3 times the price of flying into Cancun). They fly into Cancun and take the bus down to Belize. The last time I checked the ADO direct bus to Belize City from Playa del Carmen it was 565 pesos, that is about $38 USD.

Cancun is 4 hours away from Mahahual, and there are several different options on how to get here. Besides the ADO bus, there are several new companies that are starting up shuttle services here, so you can get here in one day. I have written about these in the past, you can see these in the blog archives.

Go to and there are a couple of transportation services listed there. Another one of my blog readers that arrived here Friday night, took one of these shuttles down and it cost him around $70 USD I think. He liked it and he said it was comfortable, and they even stopped for beer and cigs for him.

So to answer the question, that is why I do not recommend the average tourist to fly into Chetumal and then bus over to Mahahual. Cancun is a lot cheaper and the flights are usually no more than 2 or 3 hours long, and they come every day and all day from the USA and Canada. Also the ride down to Mahahual is not bad, only one road, and you can see some things on your trip, and even sometimes stop and take it all in. Cost and convience is the answer, and time.

Now if you are flithy rich and have a lot of time and money, then of course fly into Chetumal and take the bus or taxi here, and then come take me out for dinner, and I will order lobster.

I hope I have answered your question.

“Where do you recommend staying for a short visit ?”

This question is easy, anywhere on the malecon. Right now there are numerous places availiable in the hotels and condos on the beach in town. It is where I live, and everybody who comes here to see me, I get them to stay in one of the hotels or cabanas here. I could list a bunch of places, but from my experience most are good and not too pricey. If you want my personal favorites hit me up on Facebook or send me a personal email. It all depends on how much you want to pay. I know there are also a lot of nice eco-resorts and boutique hotels north and south of town, but for me the malecon is the place to be, your first time here. One of my blog readers is staying at the El Holito on the malecon, and he likes it, he just walks up and down the malecon when he wants something to eat or drink.

And now a couple of comments I have gotten recently.

“Love the authentic food there! One of my favorites is the old man on the tric that sells tamales at the port. Love his chicarron tamales and hot sauce. OMG wish I had some right now!
PS: Never been sick either and always eat at the small mom and pop places.”


“Hi Stewart, I have posted an article on my blog about our Amigos of Mahahual, Cuba was great we are currently in The Bahamas and next week spending the week on a old three mast clipper yacht sailing amongst the islands. Hope all is well Aussie Steve and Sharon.”

“Well, this is totally weird, but I was in Mahahual about two weeks ago, sitting at the Diving Burrito, when someone there pointed you out and said “that guy writes a blog.” I think it’s because I, too, am a blogger, but it’s still odd that I happened upon your blog just now while trying to locate some people I met in Mahahual! So, hi, I’m Erin, a fellow blogger and Mahahual lover, and I’ll be back in January for the month, so I’ll make sure to introduce myself then. :)”

“Stewart, I stumbled across your website by accident and really appreciate the history that you’ve posted. Other postings about experts and “How to pee off a Mexican” had me laughing so hard!
Will be traveling to Mahahual for the first time soon, though living a short distance from it “as a crow flies” for nine years. Will catch up with you another trip…this one is our 25th anniversary. Keep up the blogging.”

Those were some positive comments, so to be fair and in the spirit of good play I will now share some negative comments I have gotten lately, from Americans of course.

“Just because you live in Mahahual, doesn`t make you a Mexican ! You`re still a Gringo !”

“Then go f#$@ yourself , you arrogant ignorant red-neck !”

“p.s.- I could really care less if you delete me. You`ve shown me your true red-neck colors !”

“On second thought, your pathetic blog isn`t worth my time. Keep deluding yourself into thinking that you have that many followers ! – Go back to Belice !!”

So I hoped you liked todays questions and comments, positive and negative. I get called a redneck a lot from some Americans and expats here, and on my blog. (like that is really supposed to bother me?) I know my ancestors did not come over on the Mayflower.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers

4 thoughts on “More Questions and Comments about Mahahual

  1. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. . I know a local service provider nasttransfers who helped me in planning out trip to Cancun. Now everything is all set for tour. My friends are already off to Cancun and I am going there soon.

  2. Babara says:

    I love your articles. I and hubby am on the road in my motorhome. Will cross the boarder some whare in AZ. I am trying to get to xcalac. I know is far but I want to see as much of Mexico as posible . I found a mapping person called
    I have ordered his maps. So here I come.
    Hope I get that far I want to meet you.

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