People Coming and Going in Mahahual

It is low season now here in Mahahual, but to be honest I have been quite busy lately. There have been several blog readers show up lately in Mahahual, and I have been entertaining and showing them around. Several of the people that I brought to Mahahual, or came to live here this past winter after reading my blog, have returned back to the USA or Canada.

Canadian Stewart went back to Novia Scotia last week, and Ron And Collen, also from Novia Scotia also went back to their home in Canada. Canada Stewart is a guy who showed uo here this winter after reading my blog. He told me he was reading my blog in Canada, and decided instead of buying another cord of wood for the winter, he decided to buy a plane ticket and come to Mahahual for the winter. He stayed for about 3 months here, and his blood pressure dropped from 152/98 to 110/70 while he was here. He would walk into town a couple of days a week from New Mahahual, and we would sit around and talk at the Tropicante and have lunch or a couple of beers. He became a part of the gang here. He said he will be back next winter, he is now trying to sell his house in Canada, so he can move here full time. Before he left he told me I was spot on in my description of Mahahual, the people, and the way of life here, that I write about on my blog.

Stewart Bradley, "Canadian Stewart" relaxing on the malecon.

Stewart Bradley, “Canadian Stewart” relaxing on the malecon.

"Canadian Stewart" buying 3 marquesitas to take back to the girls that took care of him during his stay here at his hotel.  They took good care of him and gave him noni juice and fresh fruit every morning.

“Canadian Stewart” buying 3 marquesitas to take back to the girls that took care of him during his stay here at his hotel. They took good care of him and gave him noni juice and fresh fruit every morning.

Ron and Colleen also left and went back to Canada. Ron and Colleen became a fixture at the port and here on the malecon during their stay here. I met them at the Tequilla Barrell in Playa del Carmen one day during lunch, and they overheard my conversation, and decided to come try out Mahahual. They also love it here, and are going to come back this winter. They went back to run their businesses in Canada during the summer, and I am sure they will return, as soon as it gets cold up there. Colleen especially loved the beaches, water, and the sun. Ron loved drinking beer and sitting around and talking at the beach or in the local bars. I saw them almost every day, and they fit in good with the local expats here.

Me with Ron and Colleen their last day here.

Me with Ron and Colleen their last day here.

Almost all the other “Snow Birds” have gone back now also. Micheal Owen, an Englishman who lives here during the winter, and the guys that play in the local “Gringo” band also have all returned north. There are several of us that stay here year round like me, but not many.

What I have noticed this year is, we are getting a lot of Americans and Canadians visiting then we have during the past years, at the start of low season. Usually this time of year all we get are European backpackers, but I am seeing a lot more traffic among Americans. In fact I have had several come to Mahahual and look me up, because they read the blog before coming to Mahahual.

Alan and Don, the bike rider.

Alan and Don, the bike rider.

Ron and Colleen.

Ron and Colleen.

Don Paxton, Alan Dickson, Ron Bint, and Colleen McKinley from right to left, my peeps.

Don Paxton, Alan Dickson, Ron Bint, and Colleen McKinley from right to left, my peeps.

A good example of this is last week I was sitting at my chair on the malecon, and a guy rides up on a bike. He asks me if I am Stewart the guy who writes the blog. I told him yes I was, he then informed me that he rode his bike down from Cancun to here to meet me. He is from Vancouver, Canada, and took a flight to Cancun from Canada, rode his bicycle from Cancun to Felippe de Carillio, then took the bus to Limones, and pedalled in from Limones to Mahahual. He said about 1300 kilometers. Now I have met a lot of people recently who arrived in Mahahual and came to meet me, but never one who rode in on a bike.

Don Paxton from Canada on his bike, loves to watch hockey.

Don Paxton from Canada on his bike, loves to watch hockey.

Well I got him a room in a hotel for a month in the casitas, and he is staying until June. He rides around town on his bike everyday, and comes and hangs out with us on the malecon. He is a big hockey fan, and is always trying to find someplace that has the game on TV so he can watch. I told him he picked the wrong country in which to try to watch a hockey game, they could care less about hockey here. He is retired and owns land in the Fiji Islands, but he is here in Mahahual instead, try and figure that one out. It is his first time here, and he only found out about Mahahual after reading my blog.

I wrote awhile back about Alan from New Mexico, who also showed up here after reading my blog. He also left last week and went to Isla Mujeres after being here for 9 days. He had been going to Isla Mujeres for the last 10 years, but spent some time here, and now I think he prefers Mahahual over Isla. I think he is considering retiring here in 3 or 4 years. He told me Mahahual was everything I have said and wrote about and more. He also hung out with us at the Tropicante and on the malecon. At one time sitting at a table there were 6 or 8 people, and the one thing they all had in common was they all were in Mahahual after reading my blog or meeting me someplace else, and never would even be in Mahahual if it were not for me.

The gang around the table.

The gang around the table.

It seems like as soon as Alan left town, John from Texas showed up to take his place. John has been staying in Playa del Carmen for the last 10 years, and heard about Mahahual, so he came down to check it out for himself. He said Playa del Carmen has gotten too big and commercial for him, and he is looking for someplace quiet and peaceful like Mahahual. He has been here for the 3 or 4 days, and he really enjoys it here.

I was talking with Texas John last night, and I told him I was writing a blog this morning, and would he for me, give me his first impressions in his own words about Mahahual. I told him I wanted him to desribe Mahahual for me, and I would put in this article today. He has traveled around the world and Mexico a lot, and I wanted his opinion, and I am sure others would like it too.

He told me Mahahual had an unique small town charm, it is off the beaten path, the reef offers a kind of buffer zone for the water, nice calm flat tranquil refreshing swimming area. He also said it is a great place to get out and about on a bike, he rode down the south coast road towards Xcalak, and saw the little church, and the pristine beaches. He also recommends the Tropicante for hanging out, good food, and nice happy hour prices. He loves sitting on the malecon at the Tropicante with us, and watching the world go by. He really enjoyed watching all the cruise ship tourists yesterday when we had a ship in town.

Texas John told me Mahahual reminds him of Playa del Carmen in the old days before it got commercial and full of tourists. He lives in Arkansas 4 months of the year now, and is thinking of staying in Mahahual 8 months out of the year in the future. I asked him how he first of Mahahual, and he told me he heard about Mahahual sitting in some bars in Playa del Carmen. So I guess all the time I spent on the social scene in Playa del Carmen is now paying off.

Well this is just a couple of good examples of the people who are coming and going to Mahahual and visiting for the first time. I think many more are going to be coming and visiting in the near future. Right now I have several people coming to visit this month, and at the moment I have requests to find some rental properties here for about 5 different people. In fact I have compiled quite a list of houses and apartments for rent this summer, because of all the requests I get. So if anyone else is interested let me know. Send me your email and I will get back to you.

Right now is a great time to visit Mahahual, it is not too hot, cool Caribbean breezes, and not crowded at all. There are even a couple of seats availiable at my table on the beach that are currently empty until next high season.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

7 thoughts on “People Coming and Going in Mahahual

  1. micksuemcbeath says:

    Good morning, We would be interested in seeing your list of long term rentals, we LOVE Mahahual, we lived in Playa for 3 years, been back in Canada for 18 months, have a desire to move back to mexico but not playa, way to crazy there, really enjoy your blog,

    Have a great day,

    Mick n Sue

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

  2. Rex Farley says:

    What is the least expensive way to rent a car with insurance. We are buying a condo in Mahahual so will be down quite often.

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