” The Lost World of Quintana Roo”

I am reblogging this post today, because if you have ever thought of living, or are now living, or even considering coming to Mahahual and Quintana Roo, this book is a must read. I noticed this morning that Nancy at the Tropicante book store has a copy of this book. This book is very hard to find, and it describes the coast of Quintana Roo in the 1950s before roads and civikization arrived. I have told everybody I know about this book, and if you can find it, read it. I have read it twice, and I can relate, I may have to read it again.

Costa Maya Mahahual

"The Lost World of Quintana Roo" out of print today. “The Lost World of Quintana Roo” out of print today.

If you have ever wanted to visit the Mexican Caribbean, or even considering retiring or living in Quintana Roo, this book is a must read. This book tells of a young Frenchmen’s journey and quest down the Mexican Caribbean from Cozumel to Belize in 1958. The book is not published anymore, and a friend gave me his old copy to read, and it was fascinating.

At the ripe old age of 21, back in 1957, Michel Peissel gave up his Wall Street activities & went off alone to the Mexican jungles of the Quintana Roo territory where he discovered several Mayan cities lost for over 400 years. This seething jungle was the site of one of the highest civilizations ever achieved by humanity. The Mayan Indians have ruled the jungle there for 3700 years. Those Mayas still living in the…

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