Reflections on 2012 from Costa Maya and Mahahual, Mexico

This is a post I did after my first year in Mahahual. I wrote this before I started the blog It was written on the blog I started when I was living and working in Belize. It is basically looking back at my first year in Mahahual, and my first impressions and experiences here. I found this in my archives, and thought I would share today. For any of you wondering, it tells the story of how I ended up in Mahahual. I came across this when I was searching through my archives, and realized nothing much has changed in my impressions of Mahahual since I first arrived here. I also have some photos I will share later.

Life at Mahahual, Mexico on the Costa Maya

Looking back and reflecting on 2012, I have come to realize that 2012 was one of the most interesting and challenging years of my life. I started the year in Caldaritas, Mexico, went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to look for work and I ended up in Mahahual, Mexico instead. While I was living in Caldaritas, I met a guy named Dory Hernadez at the casino in the Plaza de Americas in Chetumal, and he told me there was a lot of opportunities for someone like me in Mahahual. I had not heard much about Mahahual except from Mike Shuler, an American who I was living with in Caldaritas, and he kept telling me that his friend from Texas, Roger, and gone to Mahahual and loved it. After staying in Playa Del Carmen for 2 weeks in late January, and looking for work, I decided that Playa was a little…

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