Belizeans Discovering Mahahual

Mahahual lighthouse.

Mahahual lighthouse.

I am noticing more and more Belizeans are showing up in Mahahual lately to enjoy the beaches here. I have met more people from Belize in Mahahual this year than any other year in the past. I think Mahahual is becoming a major tourist destination to a lot of Belizeans.

As many of you know who have read this blog, I have spent some time in Belize, and lived there. Besides the islands there are not many good beaches in Belize, and because of this more and more Belizeans are coming to Mahahual on their holidays.

Today, besides being Memorial Day in the USA, also is a Belize holiday. I am not sure which holiday it is, (between Mexican and Belizean holidays I get confused because there are so many) and it seems to me like every day is a holiday here sometimes.

This past weekend there has been a lot of Belizeans in town because of the long holiday weekend. Yesterday I met a group of people from Belize City, and several of them were members of the Belizean Tourist Police. They were all staying at the Hotel Mahahual on the malecon, and I had a chance to talk to them. We got to talking and the guys with the tourism police in Belize, told me they are really trying to crack down on crime in Belize, and they now are heavily screening who gets in and out of the country now. I asked them that I heard they were turning people away at the border a lot now. They told me if you do not have a good reason to cross the border into Belize now, you will have problems. They are asking people now if the have hotel reservations or places to stay before they allow people into the country now.

Mahahual is not really that far from Belize by car, and more and more Belizeans are now taking advantage of this. A couple of weekends ago there was a couple of big tour busses with a group of Belizean teachers in town for the weekend. On Easter Sunday there were Belizeans everywhere on the beaches of Mahahual. I met some from Libertad, Belize that I knew from when I lived in Corozal. I have met Belizeans from Corozal, Orange Walk, San Pedro, Belmopan, and just about every other city in Belize the last couple of months here, much more so than in the past.

Belizeans are very nice people, and they like to talk and have a good time. You can easily spot them on the malecon, especially if they are speaking Creole, when they walk by. They always stop and talk to me and ask me questions, and when they find out I used to live in Belize, they treat me like a long lost cousin. A lot of them I notice are here for the first time, and I am sure they will be back. I know when I lived in Belize, I never heard of Mahahaul the whole time I was there, and only heard about it when I went to Chetumal.

You can also get to Mahahual by bus very cheap from Belize. I have also noticed more and more Belizean busses in town this year. That is a tourist market that I think is going to grow a lot in the future. You can get to Mahahual from almost anywhere in northern and central Belize in about 3 hours drive time, which makes for a perfect weekend tourist destination. You can arrive in Mahahual on Friday night or Saturday morning, and stay until Monday afternoon, and drive back to Belize. This is perfect for a long holiday weekend.

I think Mahahual will continue to attract Belizeans in the future, and become a major tourist destination for Belizeans who want to experience Mahahual’s beautiful and pristine beaches.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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