Going through Mexican Customs? Find Out What Food Products You Can Import

I get this question all the time, what can I bring into Mexico through customs. Here is a list of some food items you can bring back with you through customs. I got this article from http://www.theplayatimes.com and it goes into detail what spices and foods you are allowed to bring into Mexico. I am kind of surprised at all the different foods you can bring with you back from the states.

Going through Mexican Customs? Find Out What Food Products You Can Import
by Beatriz Lucas – May 15, 2015

Make sure your products are in airtight, canned, sealed, and labeled packaging. / Photo: aduanaenmexico.files.wordpress.com

Make sure your products are in airtight, canned, sealed, and labeled packaging. / Photo: aduanaenmexico.files.wordpress.com

Do not get caught red handed when wanting to bring your favorite goodies back with you. Here is a handy list that will help you be organized when packing

All of us have come back to Cancun Airport from a trip away or directly from our home in another country, wanting to bring some things to Mexico. However, you have surely been nervous about the red/green button that customs make you press upon re-entry, which determines whether you get your bag searched or not.

Do not stress anymore about having your goods confiscated as we are providing you with a summary of the products you can bring in according to the department of SENASICA (National Service of Health, Food Safety and Quality).

Our list is not exhaustive. You can find the full list in detail, along with further information from http://www.senasica.gob.mx, download the form “List Products with Regulations and Prohibited Products”, which specifies which products require special permits, the quantity of these products you can import, the authorized producer country for these products, and those for which you will need to fill out a customs declaration form.

One last tip: Keep up to date with the news, as the status of these foods may change in the case of disease or plagues, illness outbreaks in any country.

You can import:

Vegetables and dried fruit in airtight containers.
Roasted coffee in airtight containers.
Cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, shelled.
Dried and salted pistachios and walnuts.
Yerba Mate.
Spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, anise, coriander, fennel, saffron, turmeric, thyme, laurel, curry, etc.
Dried medicinal herbs.
Flour and cereals.
You can import the following animal products, subject to restrictions (country of origin, quantity and packaging), as long as they are in canned or in a sealed and labeled package and come from the authorized producer country:

Packaged cheeses (3 kg per family), excluding fresh cheese.
Butter, cream, (1 kg per family) and yogurt (1 litre per family).
Pasteurized liquid milk (1 gallon per family), condensed (1 litre or 3 cans or 3 tetra packs of 12 fl. oz. per family), powder (2 kg) and infant (5 kg).
Serrano ham, cured ham, cured pork sausage, thermally processed poultry and pork (all 5 kg).
Dried beef (500g per family).
Fully processed food preparations containing meat, egg, honey and/or dairy (4 kg per family).
Pate of any kind (1 kg per family).
Smoked turkey or chicken (6 kg per family).
Treats for pets.
Wet feed for animals (10 lb or 5 kg per family).
Frozen or iced fresh fish, canned, bottled, cooked and other presentations.
Dried, cooked or smoked squid, octopus, snail, sea cucumber.
Dried, smoked oysters in brine.
The above listed animal products can only be imported from specific producing countries, for which each category of product has their own set list of authorized countries.

Products listed as prohibited for importation:

Dried, fresh or frozen pork or poultry meat.
Fresh, refrigerated or frozen beef.
Free-range chicken.
Raw and dried crustaceans.
Seafood platters, raw and/or cooked.
All cooked crustaceans and seaweed in any form.
Fish products in sauces, dried bone, fried.
If you have any questions about specific products not on the list (note for all the British: there is a worrying absence of tea on the list!), you can contact the Citizen Services of SENASICA at the following number: 01 800 987 9879.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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