Mahahual Update for May


Mahahual malecon.

Mahahual malecon.

Today I am going to an update on some of the things I have written about in the past, and some new things that are popping up around Mahahual.

One of the topics I will get into is transportation, and in fact I am going to add a transportation category on the tool bar on the right hand side of the blog.  I have different categories there like cruise ships, real estate, life, and other factors about life here.  I am getting a lot of questions and comments concerning transportation, and how to get to Mahahual now.  The majority of them are concerning how to get to Mahahual in one day from the Cancun airport.

In the past I have written about the ADO shuttle from Playa del Carmen to Mahahual, as a good way to get to Mahahual.  Just to inform those who may be using that in the future, there have been some changes.  The ADO shuttle now leaves from Fernando’s hostel and store in the center of town, and it also drops off people there.  This has changed from Quinta Sol where the ADO shuttle stopped in the past.  You can also buy tickets at Fernando’s for the shuttle.  The hours are still the same, but different location in Mahahual.

Also the airport in Chetumal is now an international airport, and should start accepting international flights, and flights from Central and South America.  The runways are now expanded, and a lot of major improvements are in store for the future.  This will also become another alternative in the future for getting to Mahahual.  Also I think this will attract a lot of Mexican tourists from places like Mexico City, Veracruz, and other big cities in Mexico.  I have met a lot of people from Mexico City who flew into Chetumal, and came to Mahahual to vacation this year, much more than in past years that I have been here.  There were a lot during this past Semana Santa, and I got to talk to a lot of them.  They all told me that Mahahual is being talked about a lot in Mexico City, and developing into quite a popular beach tourist destination for the residents there.

There are also several companies that are now expanding their transportation companies into including Mahahual in their routes.  One of these is AGI shuttle service out of Cancun, and they come direct to Mahahual from the Cancun airport on the weekends.  One of my blog readers used them a couple of weeks ago, and they got him here from the airport, and then when he left, they took him back to Isla Mujeres.  Most people fly into Cancun on the weekends from the USA, so this is a good viable option now tp get to Mahahual in one day.  I have got a lot of comments lately that people are tired of staying in Playa del Carmen or Cancun for a night and then coming to Mahahual.  They want to get to Mahahual as quick as they can to so they can enjoy Mahahual as much as possible.  I will have updates on this and other transportation options in the future.

Another thing I have noticed this year different from years past is, there are a lot more Americans showing up this year during low season than in the past.  Everyday I meet more and more Americans who are flying into Cancun, renting a car, and then driving to Mahahual.  Yesterday I met a party of 19 people from Utah staying at Maya Palms, who were here diving for the week.  I also met a group of people the other day, who bought some land up in Sian Kaan, and the homeowners group is staying in Mahahual, and came by and looked me up at the Tropicante.  I was surprised that they all read this blog, and they had some drinks and sat around and asked questions about living here, and things like that, nice people, all Americans.

Mahahual has also been discovered by a lot of expats from Playa del Carmen.  I meet Americans who live in either Cozumel, or Playa del Carmen every day. They are scouting around down here looking for land or houses.  In fact, I met a couple of guys last night down from Playa del Carmen wanting to look at some real estate.  Poor guys, their car broke down as soon as they pulled into Mahahual, and the guys on the street had to help push the car onto the athletic field.  I answered some questions for them, gave them some maps, and told them when they get their car fixed come pick me up and I will show them around.  They also told me what I hear all the time from expats from Playa del Carmen…..Playa del Carmen has gotten too big and commercial, and they are looking for something a lot less more quiet and not crowded.  I spent a lot of time last year in Playa del Carmen, and I heard the same thing there a lot from the expats I knew there.  Everytime I went out in Playa del Carmen to the expat’s hangouts like Mom’s, Bad Boy’s on the Beach, and others, when people found out I was from Mahahual they immediately would ask me questions all about the beaches, homes, land, and living in Mahahual.  This is another market that I think is going to become a part of Mahahual’s future and economic growth, because Mahahual is a perfect place for expats to live.

Well that is all I have today, I have to go and meet some blog readers on the beach at the Tropicante, and hang out with them.(Man I have a rough life).  I will have some more updates in the near future about things like the water park construction, new properties and builders in Mahahual, and an update on all the increase in cruise ship traffic this coming season.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



3 thoughts on “Mahahual Update for May

  1. Susan Ackoff Ortega says:

    For your information, Chetumal once was an international airport but now there’s is only InterJet which only goes back and forth from Mexico City. There is a new airline, Volaris which will start flights later this year and will also do Chetumal – Mexico City. To go anywhere else one still must go first to Mexico City.

    It would be good to clarify this in your next posting.

    Hopefully one day Chetumal Airport will resume international flights.

    By the way, anyone 65 and over gets 20% off on InterJet flights.

    Susan Ackoff Ortega Yum Botic Villa Uvero


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