Airport Expansion in Chetumal to Put Costa Maya on the International Stage

Here is another insight on the Chetumal airport, from another blogger in Mahahual. It goes into more detail of the airport expansion, and the future plans for the growth of Costa Maya.

Tales From Mahahual

I am always asked, “when will an airport be built to service the Costa Maya/Mahahual area”, and my answer has always been, probably never! It just never seemed realistic, given that even if the entire town of Mahahual is filled, it still nowhere near the needed population to justify the cost of an airport. Over the years, we’ve heard lots of local chatter about an expansion or relocation of the Chetumal airport, but to be honest, I just put those discussions in the same file as the proposed bridge from Xcalak to Chetumal, a second cruise ship port in Mahahual, a light rail to Cancun and the legend of Big Foot. None seemed all that likely to really show up in my lifetime. Seems I was wrong though. No, they didn’t find Big Foot, but it does appear that Mexico has much bigger plans for Costa Maya, and all revolve…

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