I am reblogging this article from awhile back, because for some reason it has become very popular on the internet. This is read 4 or 5 times a day, and also I have gotten a number of searches lately on “Piss a Maya off”,( I still can’t figure out why I am getting so many searches on that term) and I get a couple of these a day also. This is one of the most read posts ever on this blog, so I thought I would share today for those of you who are new to the blog, or missed this post in the past. It is Sunday here and not much going on, so today I am reposting these.

Costa Maya Mahahual

I am in several ExPat groups and I get sent interesting artiles and stories sometimes, and this I got recently I thought I would share.  I am on the road today heading back to Mahahual because there are 2 ships in tomorrow and I am working.  So I thought I would include this cute article about Mexicans.  I have experienced some of the things below.

Thanks, Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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Mexican woman pissed off. Mexican woman pissed off.


Claim our food is not “that” spicy.

An Italian visiting Mexico once dared to say: “We have chiles a lot spicier in Southern Italy.” That was the last thing he said. His throat is still recovering after eating a chile toreado.

Fail to say good morning when you enter an elevator.

You can spit on our shoes — well, no…

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