Banco Chinchorro, Snails and Coral World (Quintana Roo)

Great place to go scuba diving or snorkeling. There are a lot of people who come to Mahahual to experience the diving here and Banco Chinchorro.

Costa Maya Mahahual

I came across this great article in and thought I would share.  I translated from Spanish to English.  Banco Chinchoorro is a great scuba and snorkeling destination, and trips are booked out of Mahahual and Xcalak daily.  This article does a great job of describing all the beauty of the underwater coral and reef world in Banco Chinchorro.

Thanks for reading, Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Por: Salatiel Barragán

Banco Chinchorro, snails and coral world. Banco Chinchorro, snails and coral world.

In the middle of the ocean waters of the Mexican Caribbean highlights a unique reef system, on which have been narrated stories and fabulous legends from colonial times to the present day: the Banco Chinchorro, place wrapped in mystery and located just over 30 km south of the state nearly uninhabited Quintana Roo, between the fishing villages of Mahuahual and Xcalak coast.
This isolated ecosystem is considered a coral atoll, and its name derives from…

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