“The Found World of Quintana Roo”

I am reblogging this today, I made a mistake on the first article, so I corrected. Also an update, I heard from Wendy, and she is meeting with her publishers on June 22, to start the printing stages of her book. I will keep everyone informed when the book will be availiable. She promised a book signing date in the future at the Tropicante book store.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Life just gets more and more interesting here in Mahahual. Yesterday was just another lazy, sunny day here in Mahahual, and I was doing my usual Saturday routine, sitting at the Tropicante on the beach talking to tourists from the USA and Canada.

I noticed four people walk up, and I looked and asked them if they were from the USA, they looked like Americans, and one guy answers me back in English, no why would you say that, and I said, we don’t get many Americans this time of year in Mahahual, so you must be Canadian. He laughed and said no, we are from Maine, he was just kidding.

They stopped in and we got to talking, and come to find out two of them were father and daughter, Wendy Morrill and Richard Bailey. I asked them if this was their first time in Mahahual, and they said…

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