Ñam Ñam Fast Food in Mahahual

Right around the corner from me, right off the malecon, Ñam Ñam Fast Food has just opened. Ñam Ñam serves hamburgers, empanadas, burritos, chimichangas, tacos, taco salads, buffalo and bbq chicken wings, onion rings, desserts, and many other selections.

Ñam Ñam Fast Food is owned and operated by Noelia Ancibar and Isela Schiappapietra, both originally from Montevideo, Uruguay. They have been in Mahahual for five years, and they both have worked at several different businessess here in Mahahual, and at the Costa Maya Port. I have seen them around on the malecon, and at the port, but I never really had a chance to talk to them much until they opened Ñam Ñam.

Noelia and Isela, with their daughter, Nahia.

Noelia and Isela, with their daughter, Nahia.

They visited Mahahual on vacation, and like a lot of other people I have met here, they decided to stay. They said they love Mahahual because of the weather here, the beach, it is quiet and very safe, and a nice place to raise a family. They have a daughter, Nahia, who they plan to raise here in Mahahual.

Noelia is the chef in the business, and Isela does the books and accounting, and other duties. Noelia comes from a family of chefs in Uraguay, and has been cooking and around kitchens her whole life. She has been a chef here in Mexico for over ten years.

They decided Mahahual needed a good quality inexpensive fast food restaurant on the malecon, and they wanted to be their own bosses, so they opened up Ñam Ñam. In fact, Ñam Ñam is in our old Costa Maya Real Estate office, that I spent a lot of time in. Their location is right off the malecon, right around the corner from El Faro, and  across from the athletic field. They are between the tortilla factory and the money exchange place.

This is the second or third week Ñam Ñam has been open I think, and I am going to just come out and say it, they have the best hamburgers in town in my opinion. Now I know the last time I posted my opinion on food here, I got a backlash from a bunch of Americans who hang out at a certain place here, but I don’t care, for the price of 49 pesos with fries, it is the best hamburger deal in town. Noelia hand patties all her burgers, and they are not frozen patties, like you get everywhere else here in Mexico. I get mine, medium rare with mustard, ketchup, cheese, and peppers. The bread is even fresh baked, which also makes for a good burger. I have also had the chicken fingers, apple pie, and cheese sticks, but my favorite is the hamburgers, I go by about every other day to get one, in fact, I had one last night watching the NBA game.

gamecock clotes and beach 015

The cuisine at Ñam Ñam is a mixture of Tex-Mex, American, Mexican, and dishes from Uraguay. They also have several options and combinations of vegatarian dishes for you vegans. They also have desserts like apple pie, tortas fritas, and gaznates. I have tried the apple pie, it was good. Noelia keeps trying to get me to try some of their other items on the menu, but I told her when I find something I like, I stick to it. I told her it has been a long time in Mahahual since I have been able to get a good hamburger hand pattied, like the good old USA., and for only 49 pesos with fries, you cannot beat that deal. Now at night when I am thinking about something to eat for dinner, I keep thinking, I can get some tacos, empanadas, or burritos, off the street for around 50 pesos, or I can get a great burger and fries for only 49 pesos, burger wins 9 times out of 10. They also have a good selection of burgers , I get the Classic, but they also have, Mexican, Veggie, Oink Oink, and Ñam Ñam burgers, all with different combinations.

gamecock clotes and beach 016

Now there are a lot of other things on the menu, not just my favorite burger, here is the menu off of their website. http://ingoodfoodwetrust.wix.com/namnam#!menu/cwld

gamecock clotes and beach 017

Ñam Ñam is open from 3pm to 11pm, six days a week, and are closed on Tuesdays. They also deliver, their number is 983-131-4417, and you also can find them on Facebook and Twitter, and all the other social media. Check them out, good food, and they are very friendly, and speak English and Spanish.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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    Ñam Ñam now serves ber and wine, and has added some other items to their menu. They still have the best hamburger in town, and the other night I stopped by and got some chicken fingers to take home to watch football, and they were so good, they reminded me of home. If you are coming to Mahahual, stop by and check them out.

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