Quick Update on Mahahual

One of my favorite photos.

One of my favorite photos.

I have been busy today preparing for my trip to Merida this weekend, I have been running around getting laundry done, clearing some things up here, packing and trying to figure out where I am staying in Merida.

So today I thought I would give the readers a quick update on what has been going here lately. First of all, I have it from a very reliable source that the new water park here in Mahahual will definitely be open this winter. Construction is right on schedule, and things seem to be progressing nicely. This will provide a year round boost to tourism here, and will help increase cruise ship traffic. I will go by and take some photos on the construction when I get time.

I went down the south end of the malecon extension yesterday on the coast road, and the construction there is almost complete. It looks really nice down there, and I will take some photos in the near future. This extension of the malecon will help the dive shops, hotels, and restaurants down there get more traffic and tourists. The government here really did a good job with the extension, and I think it was money well spent.

Also effecting Mahahual’s future growth is the big push out of Chetumal to try to attract tourists to southern Quintana Roo. Right now you can fly round trip from Mexico City to Chetumal this summer for 699 pesos, that is a good deal. There is a lot of emphasis on increasing tourism in places like Bacalar, Xcalak, Banco Chinchorro, Mahahual, and other locations in southern Quintana Roo with the state government in Chetumal now. There have been several ad campaigns and websites developed to get tourists to come to Chetumal, stay in hotels there, and visit other places like Bacalar and Mahahual, while they vacation in Chetumal. This not only will attract Mexican tourists, but tourists from Belize, and other Central American countries.

The airport in Chetumal is now being expanded, with a look to growth in tourism here in the future. I have noticed this year an increase in Mexican tourists from places like Mexico City, Veracruz, Monterrey, and other large urban Mexican cities. This I am sure will increase when the word gets out about Mahahual.

The sports dome in downtown is progressing and should be complete soon. There are also several construction projects going on now on the malecon and in the casitas, or New Mahahual.

That is about all I have today, cruise ship tomorrow, besides that, not much been going on. Been raining with lots of wind here all week. I met 2 guys the other day who got diverted here from Isla Mujeres in their sailboat, and they have been stuck here for a week, waiting on the weather to change. They just hang out at the Tropicante all day drinking beer and talking with the other expats here, while they wait out the wind and rain, nice guys.

I also met a couple here from the Seychelles Islands, who told me they read this blog. I told them I noticed I had some readers from the Seychelles Islands, but I did not know where it was only anything about it. I also told them I could not figure out why someone from the Seychelles, halfway around the world would read my blog. They said they are thinking about retiring here in Mahahual, so they read my blog.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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