Some of the Latest News from Mahahual


Rain “parachute” in Mahahual

Chetumal, June 22

New settlements are born in the colony Kilometer 55 in the community of Majahual. More than 10 families have invaded private land from about 3 months ago.

Apparently part of this invasion is attributed to someone identified as Sergio Carvajal, a character who supposedly has been previously prosecuted for this crime type.

More than 10 families in extreme poverty that have made the private land in this neighborhood their new home.

The slum has been brewing for about 3 months, and this part of Majahual both residents as people who have come from outside.

Wooden houses they have built with their own hands, many of which are half-finished, form the sad panorama seen in this colony, as part of the invasion that continues to expand.

Many of these families who have small children, have been convinced under false pretenses for installation and inhabit the place, and even though they know they are committing an illegal act, say they will stay there because they have no other place to go.

Elsewhere in the community has also been gestated a slum, it’s a strange guy who has built a small wooden house and board aside from Fisherman’s Wharf, an area of ​​mangroves.

Some people know where it came from, while others said they came looking for work in the community, and even helped with the redevelopment of the waterfront.

Upon completion in the work, the subject went to live in Majahual, settling first on a privately owned, but some time later was run by the owner. Now he has built, as it has been, a small house at most two meters long and 2 meters wide other, right next to the fishing pier.

The subject says that about a lady who owns a business gave him permission to stay in this area, however it is a federal area on which any resident has jurisdiction.

Besides giving a bad image to the tourists who come to destiny, to make his battered housing had to destroy part of the mangrove there is, which is protected by Mexican environmental laws plant.

Although the destination authorities have asked to leave, the lord of more than 50 years refuses to move, and this may also be a problem of unhealthy because nobody knows where he relieves.

Gabriel Manzanilla (Por Esto QRoo)


Translated from Spanish.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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