My First Day in Merida with a Mexican Press Card and ID

My Mexican press card and ID is working out pretty good. Yesterday I went to buy a lanyard so I could wear it around my neck like they do here. After I bought it, I thought I would try it out and walk around downtown Merida to see what kind of reaction I would get. I was finishing my trifecta of American fast food. I started off the other day at Subway, then the day after Burger King, and yesterday KFC. I was standing at the counter with my press id around my neck, and I ordered a “Duo” special there which is 2 pieces of Colonel Sanders chicken, mashed taters,cole slaw, a bisquit, and a drink.

So I stood patiently in line like I was do, and when my food came out, this little cute Maya girl slides it to me, and come to find out there were 3 pieces of chicken on my plate. I kind of looked down, and she winked at me, pointed at my press badge, and grinned at me. I grinned back and said “gracias senorita”, to let her know I knew she was giving me an extra piece of chicken. I think I made her day. I tell this press id is already paying for itself, extra fried chicken at KFC.

We don’t have Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, or any other American food franchises in Mahahual, like they do in all the big cities in Mexico, like Merida and Playa del Carmen. So when I go to a big city in Mexico, like here, I eat some American food. All I usually eat in Mahahual is Mexican food, or Nam Nam hamburgers, Here, I am usually out and about during the day, so I stop in and eat my lunch at some of these places. I also eat Chinese food and anything else I can’t get in Mahahual. (I still have not found a place in Mexico where I can get some country fried steak with mashed potatoes, turnip greens, fried okra, green beans, a slice of cornbread, and banana pudding for desert)
When I lived in Playa del Carmen last summer I basically lived at the Mega Store.

I know fast food is not good for me being a diabetic, but I have been walking around so much around Merida, I know I have  been sweating and burning off all that bad food. Plus, I am only eating it this week, next week, back to rice and beans, and tortillas in Mahahual. I have pretty much covered the whole downtown area of Merida walking. Today I walked over to the Paseo de Montejo, where the offices of The Yucatan Times office to meet with them, and got to see that part of town.

Ok, now back to my first day with a Mexican press card and ID. I started walking around after lunch doing some sight-seeing, and I was wearing my badge, just to see what the reaction would be. I was carrying my old Iphone, like a tourist looking at the old church and some of the other colonial buildings. I went into the Governor’s Palace to look around, and the two policemen standing there at the entrance, saw my press card and parted like the Red Sea, and let me in. Everywhere I went people would look at my badge, and do a double-check. Well I went around like this for a while sight-seeing, and then it started raining really hard, so I headed back to my hotel.

I took a good nap while it rained, because that is a perfect time for a siesta. I woke up and decided I was going to stay in, and not do any sight-seeing that night, just do some work, write a blog, or maybe just watch some TV on my computer. I decided I would go around the corner, get a pizza for dinner at a place I had walked by earlier, and bring it back. I ordered my “Chico” pizza to go, 43 pesos, not bad. While I was standing there waiting on my pizza, I noticed a beautiful Mexican woman sitting there on a stool, looked like she was waiting on a pizza. She kind of smiled at me and looked my way. I think I asked her if she spoke English, and was the pizza good there, She told me yes, she spoke a little bit of English, and yes, the pizza was very good there. She then asked me,if I wanted to get a table upstairs, and eat with her. Now I am not stupid, so of course I said yes. We went upstairs and had a great dinner, mine pepperoni, hers margarita.

My salsa dancing new friend.

My salsa dancing new friend.

While we were having dinner, she told me after we ate she was going to meet some of her friends at a salsa club to dance, and did I want to go with her. I suddenly forgot about staying in the hotel room and doing some work, and said sure, but I did not know how to salsa dance, but I would watch her, while she danced.

We went to this place and it was packed, with everybody salsa dancing, or attempting to salsa dance. I was the oldest person in the whole club surrounded by young Europeans and Mexicans salsa dancing everywhere, and bumping into each other. It was my first experience in a salsa club, so I just watched and took it all in. It reminded me of my days in the discos in the 1970s.

merida and odalis salsa 034 merida and odalis salsa 035 merida and odalis salsa 036 merida and odalis salsa 037 merida and odalis salsa 038 merida and odalis salsa 040 merida and odalis salsa 041 merida and odalis salsa 043

Well after midnight, we left, because she had to work the next day, and I had a meeting myself. I had watched her salsa dance, and I told her she could make some money in Mahahual teaching tourists off of the cruise ships and other people there how to salsa dance. She got a cab, and I walked back to my hotel, and I got home around 1:30 am, so much for grabbing a quick pizza and going back to my hotel.

That my friends is the story of my first day in Mexico with a genuine Mexican press card and ID, not a bad start.

Editors note: Since I wrote this blog yesterday, my new friend said it was alright to put in a better photo of her and her name.  I always ask before I put people’s names in.  My Mexican salsa dancing queen is Odalis Castro from Chichen Itza I think, here near Merida.  She is of Mayan descent, and she works at a bank here in Merida. She speaks better English than I do Spanish, so we converse in English.  She is planning a trip to Mahahual soon.  Here is her photo, she has one of the prettiest smiles I have ever seen.

Odalis Castro, from Merida, my new salsa dancing friend.

Odalis Castro, from Merida, my new salsa dancing friend.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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