Blue Reef Condos Mahahual, Mexico

Blue Reef condos in Mahahual.

Blue Reef condos in Mahahual.

I am always getting questions about people inquiring are there any oceanfront condos available in Mahahual. Costa Maya Real Estate does not have any oceanfront front or beachfront condos, we specialize more in homes and lots in New Mahahual, and beach property both on the north and south roads out-of-town.

Right now Blue Reef has condos under construction and should be finished soon. They start at around $185,000 for a one bedroom, and up to $365,000 for a plush three bedroom. These condos are right on the malecon, and also are beachfront. At the moment these are the only ones ready for sale, and construction is coming right along. Right now the second level is being finished, and work on the third floor should start soon.

blue reef 3 blue reef 4

Blue Reef under construction.

Blue Reef under construction.

Now, there are units for sale, and several different payment options. At the moment, these are the only condos I know of for sale in Mahahual that are actually under construction right now and ready to be purchased. There is talk of several condo projects starting around town soon, but at the moment, these are all I am aware of.

All of these condos will have all the amenities associated with modern beachfront condos, a/c, internet, cable tv, hot water, everything you need. Also these condos can be a good investment, because they can be rented out when you are not enjoying them yourself. Ask for details.

image image image

It seems like in Mahahual every time some condos get built, they are snatched up as soon as they are completed. So, if you are interested in a condo on the beach in Mahahual, at the moment is your best bet, For more information contact Sergio Duran Velez at or call at (983) 119-9363, or Wilberth Gonzalez at phone number (983)126-5516 (SP/ENG), US(813)444-1999 or you can  just check out their website,

Also, I would like to thank Sergio, Wilberth, and the people at Blue Reef for becoming my first bona fide advertisers on this blog. The response to this blog has been tremendous, and this past month of June over 7,000 people read this blog, from all over the world. I told Sergio a while back that I was going to start accepting advertising on this blog, and he was the first one to sign up. In fact he signed up as I was leaving to go to Merida to meet with the Yucatan Times people, right before I got on the bus.

I am still in Merida working with The Yucatan Times on a couple of news stories this week, so when I return to Mahahual in the near future there are several other people who want to talk to me about advertising on this blog. If you are interested you can reach me at, or you can hit me up on Facebook.

If you have a dive shop, hotel, tour company, rental properties, or anything else related to the expat, tourist, or cruise ship business in Costa Maya and Mahahual, you may want to contact me. This blog is on the first page of almost all search engines (like Google) concerning Mahahual and Costa Maya, and in most instances is number one on the page.

Just to inform some of you, I have noticed that a lot of tourists, especially on cruise ships, Google or use some other search engine, to find out about Mahahual. Since my blog comes up on the first page, or even first listed, I get a lot of readers. I am getting so many readers nowadays, I spend a lot of time just answering emails and other questions about Mahahual. So if you are interested in advertising on the most popular blog in southern Quintana Roo, get in touch with me. I can show you the numbers and go over all the details with you.

This blog is going to be featured on the front page of The Yucatan Times the whole month of July, so this will only bring more readers to the Costa Maya Life blog, and increase exposure to Mahahual. So if you want to advertise, now is the time.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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