New ADO Bus to From Cancun to Mahahual and Update on all Mahahual Bus and Shuttle Info

Here is some updated transportation information about how to get to Mahahual. I am still in Merida, so I am not up to date on this subject at the moment. I had only planned to be in Merida only 3 or 4 days, but it is now going on 3 weeks. I am in Merida working on a story for the Yucatan Times, and also talking to some develpers here about building 136 condos in New Mahahual, or Casitas as some call it. I am getting a proposal from them to take back to Mahahual. There is a lot of interest in Merida concerning Mahahual, (much more than Playa del Carmen I have learned), and now a company that is building condos in Celestun, is looking at Mahahual very seriously. They had planned a condo project in Rio Largatos for the near future, but I believe I have convinced them to build in Mahahual instead.

Every where I go people ask me about Mahahual here in Merida, and I answer a lot of questions. Merida is a beautiful city with very nice and well educated people ,I am finding out, (my kind of people), and I take daily walks taking photos and looking at all the old churches and buildings. I am writing an article later today about Merida and my experiences here. Merida has passed Playa del Carmen as my second most favorite town in Mexico, Mahahual first of course.

So if you are interested in coming to Mahahual in the near future, you might want to read this article from another blog writer in Mahahual, about all the new transportation options availiable now. Because of the water park opening this winter and all the other developments and growth, getting to Mahahual is going to a lot easier in the near future. More later.

Tales From Mahahual

New ADO Bus Schedule to Mahahual and latest up to date Transport to Mahahual info.

ADO is starting an additional route to Mahahaul daily from Cancun, starting today, July 1st, and making it even easier now to get to Mahahual. It is probably a good time for me to go over all the bus routes now available too, to help visitors better understand their options. Taking a bus to Mahahual, especially if you are staying in town and plan on just hanging out at the beach all week, and not traveling about the area a lot, is the only way to get there. The bus and shuttles are fast and easy, and usually much cheaper than renting, insuring and gassing up a rent car by the day, so check your options below and see if they might work for your next visit.

The only direct shuttle service from Cancun Airport…

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5 thoughts on “New ADO Bus to From Cancun to Mahahual and Update on all Mahahual Bus and Shuttle Info

  1. Steve Heide says:

    Kind of a bitter sweet blog regarding large condo development in Paradise. Lisa and I hope, the business leaders and the people of Mahahual take steps to control development in order to maintain the natural beauty and the barefoot laid back ambiance.

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