Merida My Kind of City Part 2

Here are some thoughts I have had in Merida lately. I am posting these and some photos today to show you readers what a great city Merida is. Everyday I take walking tours of Merida, and every day I see something different.

If you ever get a chance to visit or vacation in Merida, I would suggest that you do. There is great culture, arts, and a lot of things to see.

iphone merida 001 iphone merida 003

I have been doing a lot of walking around Merida, because I love to walk around and take in the sights. Only problem is I keep bumping my head , because stuff is so low to the ground here. Last night walking home I about knocked my self out because I walked into some low hanging pole I did not see or notice. I now have a knot on the top of my head the size of a golf ball.

I think Merida has passed Playa del Carmen, as my second favorite city in Mexico, Mahahual first of course. Everywhere you go you experience history and culture, and the people are very friendly.

What a day, I am exhausted. Just got back to my hacienda, after a night out on Father’s Day. I had the best spaghetti I have ever had in Mexico tonight, and just for 65 pesos. In USA would have cost $20, and it was just as good as I have ever had in the USA, including Chicago. After that I took in the ballet, not for me, too much culture. I stayed about 20 minutes, and could not take it anymore, and left, and went out and walked around. Then I had a Yucatan chocolate ice cream cone in the park, and watched some music acts and even some break dancers. In Merida what is cool is, there are musicians everywhere on the streets, violinists, bongo drums, metal music making things, clowns, trumpets, and every other musical thing, or act you could think of. I just walked around and took it all in, like a country boy in the big city for the first time. People very friendly here, they smile and say hello, even the cops are always smiling. I got a lot of bang for my buck today, and had a great time exploring Merida.

I am full of culture today. I saw 3 museums and a couple of art galleries, and took in an outdoor concert in the park. Merida is a great city to sight-see in. I must have walked 5 miles today. Going out later tonight to take in a show. I got loads of photos I will be sharing later. If you like history, art, and culture, Merida is a must see. Now a hot shower than back out again.

Today is Sunday, so today I am going to take a tour of the big cathedral here, and also take in some museums and art galleries in Merida. I am right in the middle of town so I can walk everywhere. Merida is the oldest city in the Mexico, built in 1542 I think. I will have some photos later and a history lesson. If you have never been to Merida, you should plan a visit. Lots of culture and history here, and I do love history. The streets are cobblestone, and the houses and buildings here are hundreds of years old, my hacienda I am staying in is very old, and I like it.

Merida is huge, and hot. I went shopping today for new eyeglasses and shorts, people everywhere. I have been in Mahahual, and not used to a big city, people bumping into me, and crowds, I like it though for a change. I ate Subway last night, Burger King for lunch, Chinese for tonight, damn the diabetes I am in the big city, I am going to eat everything I can’t get in Mahahual. I walked around all day, and took in some sites, very beautiful colonial city full of culture. Going out tonight to see some sites, I did not bring enough money, my glasses broke and I had to get new pair, I may be hitch hiking back to Mahahual.

I have gone total Mexican I think. Went shopping for some Bermuda shorts, like the kind the Mexican guys wear in Mahahual. I found the 4 tackiest pair I could find, I got 4 pair for 195 pesos, that is about $3.50 a pair in US dollars.

My new bermuda shorts, now I fit in in Mahahual.

My new Bermuda shorts, now I fit in Mahahual.

In Merida safe and sound. What a day, 8 hours on the road, I went through every small village in the Yucatan. I just took a hot shower for the first time in 6 months, going out to get something to eat, famished. Great story I will share tomorrow, involves a baby turkey in a bucket, and a bus full of Mexicans, and one Gringo, me.

Inside of the oldest church in the Americas.

Inside of the oldest church in the Americas.

merida and church 011 merida and church 016 merida and church 024 merida and church 031

Pope made a visit here.

Pope made a visit here.

merida and church 042 merida and church 044

Inside of Casa Montejo.

Inside of Casa Montejo.

merida and odalis salsa 009 merida and odalis salsa 012 merida and odalis salsa 016 merida and odalis salsa 017 merida and odalis salsa 018 merida and odalis salsa 019 merida and odalis salsa 021

University of Yucatan oldest college in Mexico.

University of Yucatan oldest college in Mexico.

merida and odalis salsa 046 merida and odalis salsa 048


Note: I know I am not the best photographer in the world, I had a pretty good photographer in the past but she decided she wanted a family and kids, so she is not around anymore.  I get complaints from people about my photos, but it is the best I can do with an Iphone 3gs.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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