Another Gringo’s View of Mahahual

I am on the road today, so I thought I would reblog this today. It is another person from the USA’s opinion and thoughts on Mahahual. I think it is a good first hand account of Mahahual.

Costa Maya Mahahual

This past week I had a blog reader from Indiana visit Mahahual for the first time. His name is Denny Sprunger, and he is a retired school teacher from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He contacted me awhile back about coming down and exploring Mahahual, for a future place to maybe spend the winter away from the cold.

I had an extra room in the back that nobody was using, so he stayed there while he was here. After he left I asked if he would write me up something to put on this blog. I wanted to give the readers here another viewpoint of life here besides mine. I have not changed or edited anything in any way, this is his own words. I just asked for his impression of Mahahual, and he gave me a good teacher like summary.

Denny Sprunger from Indiana eating lunch. Denny Sprunger from Indiana eating lunch.

“Mahahual, pronounced “ma-ha-WAL”, is a…

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