Back in Mahahual from Merida

Mahahual malecon.

Mahahual malecon.

I am back in Mahahual, finally. Yesterday was one of those days that happen to me all the time, but everything turned out good. I had got everything done in Merida, so yesterday I started my trek back to Mahahual from Merida.

I decided to take the same bus, Mayab, that I took last time to get to Merida. My bus was to leave at 9:30am from the central ADO bus station in Mahahual. I got a ride to the bus station from one of the guys from the Yucatan Times, so I get there a little early before my bus left. So in the ADO bus stations they have free wi-fi, so while I waited I watched some TV on my computer and relaxed before my long trip back to Mahahual.

There is no easy way to get from Merida to Mahahual, no direct ADO bus, so you have to use a combination of ways to get from Merida to Mahahual. I did my research and looked around for different bus routes to get to Limones, or some where close to Mahahual. I thought about taking an ADO bus to Bacalar, and then taking a convi from Bacalar to Mahahual. That bus left at 11am and got to Bacalar around 5:30pm, and cost 255 pesos. The bus from there would cost about 75 pesos to get to Mahahual, but the bus comes by Bacalar pretty regular, so I would get to Mahaual around 7pm. I even looked at taking an ADO to Chetumal, and then taking a convi back to Mahahual.

I looked at several different options, but the best one was to take the 9:30am Mayab bus to Felippe de Carrillo Puerto (cost 200 pesos), then take a bus to Limones (45 pesos), and then try to catch a convi or the Caribe bus to Mahahual. This would get me into Mahahual around 5:30 or 6. This was the way I had gotten to Merida, so in terms of time and convience, it was the best for me.

Now on my road trips something always interesting happens, this time was no exception. One thing about busses in Mexico, if they say direct it does not really mean direct. It goes direct of course, but stops at almost every town or pueblo along the way. I don’t really mind the 6 hour bus trip from Merida  to Felippe de Carillo, because I like to look out the window and look at the towns and landscape. I always try to take a nap or sleep like the Mexicans on the bus, but I never can. (I am amazed sometimes how it seems like Mexicans can fall sleep on a bus real quick and sleep. I had this guy sit down next to me on the trip, and he was asleep before we even got out of the station good).

So the first part of the trip went good, I looked out the window and took in the scenery while almost everybody else on the bus slept. Another thing I have noticed, that the Mexicans sleeping on the bus would wake up as soon as they got to their town or village. The guy next to me slept while we went through 5 or 6 towns, but when we arrived in Peto, he immediately woke up, and he had ear plugs for ipod in his ear. How did he know we had arrived in his town?

So I got to Fellipe around 3:40pm, just in time for the 4pm Mayab bus to Limones,(45 pesos). I caught that bus, and we got to Limones around 5pm. Now I had a choice to make, get off in Limones, and wait on the 6pm Caribe to Mahahual, or get off at the Mahahual exit on 307, and wait a convi there. Both of these options would cost about the same 50 pesos.

I bribed the driver 10 pesos to drop me off at the Mahahual exit, about 2 miles from Limones I think. My ticket was only to Limones, so I was supposed to get off there. I got off at the exit, and walked across the highway. Right at the exit off the highway the Marines had set up a security check point. I walked up to the Marines and asked them if they wanted to search me, and they laughed and waved me through, so I a walked through a military check point. They asked if I was going to Mahahual and I said yes. They told me to stand by the barrier for a little while, and wait. First thing I know a pickup truck pulls into the check point, and the Marines say something to the driver, and he pulls up to me and tells me to jump in the back, and he takes me the rest of the way into Mahahual for free, he would not take a dime. So I waved goodbye to the Marines said gracias and jumped in the back.

When we pulled into Mahahual it had just started raining, and I had to go find my place to stay. I went to meet the guys from Blue Reef to talk some business, and no one was there, so I put my bags in their lobby at the Hotel Oxtankah, where they also have a beach club and restaurant, Barefoot Beach Club, and the Tipsy Turtle. I had nothing to do while I waited so I walked around the corner to say hello to some people. I was not gone more than 5 or 10 minutes and I come back and the place is locked up, and I can see my bags in the floor.

I had everything with my bags so I got in touch with Sergio, and he got Ken, the owner, to come open up and let me get my stuff. He came and there was a mix up with the keys, so he had to go get some keys because someone on the staff had locked the door incorrectly. Now it is pouring rain, and Ken and his wife are helping me out, and it is getting late, and they had already had a long day.

Well after awhile we got everything settled and I got to my bags. I was soaking wet, tired, and had been traveling all day, so Ken and I talk some business, and he puts me up for the night in the hotel. That saved my day, I could get out of the rain, and have a nice place to sleep. Ken and his wife were very helpful and considerate and I want to thank them publically.

The rooms here are really nice, I have sent people here before, but this is the first time I have stayed here. I got to take a shower, use the internet, and watch some cable TV in English. So after a long day, I got to dry off and lay in bed and watch some TV, and get a good night’s rest after a very long and difficult day. I am going to do an article on the place here and provide more information about their business.

So I am writing this blog today from a nice hotel room on the malecon back in Mahahual.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

One thought on “Back in Mahahual from Merida

  1. Rex Farley says:

    Hola Stewart, Enjojed reading your experaince. I`m sorry we missed you as we just got back to the US and had looked forward to meeting you in person. Maybe next time.

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