Seagrass Still Invading Mahahual

I am reblogging this today, because when I got back in Mahahual the first thing I noticed was the smell of all the seagrass on the beaches here. I had been gone a month and the beaches are still having this stuff wash up everyday. I watched yesterday on the beach, as they bulldozed and tried to clean the beaches of the seagrass, or sargassum whatever it is called. I thought it would be gone by now, but is even worse now then when I left. So I thought I would share this today.

Costa Maya Mahahual

I know I wrote an article about all the seagrass in Mahahual a couple of months ago, but today I watched a bulldozer clear the beach today of all the seagrass that has washed up in the last two days. I have never seen this much seagrass in all my time in the Caribbean, and it keeps coming.

I have to really commend all the people and the hard work they are doing to keep the beach clean of seagrass for the tourists that come here. I watch the waiters and other people everyday raking up the beaches here of seagrass, and it seems like as soon as they rake it up, the next morning the beaches are full again.

I have been getting a lot of searches and questions on this blog lately about all the seagrass in Mahahual, and why it is so bad this year.  So I…

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