I Need a Football Down Here in a Bad Way

Justin Bieber, Danger, and I call him "Shorty" some of the boys on the malecon.

 Danger, and some of the boys on the malecon.. (Trust me his real name s Danger)

A funny thing happened on the malecon to me today. I was walking on the malecon and these 4 or 5 young boys came running up to me yelling at me in Spanish, “Where is the American football?” I had promised these kids that I was having a football brought down by a friend, and by the time they got out of school, I was going to have the football and then start having football clinic on beach. I already have been grooming one stocky kid, “Chippy” to be a field goal kicker, he is a natural. I got him taking a 3 step kick with a soccer ball now. But what was so funny these kids, Danger, Justin Bieber, Chippy, and several more are circling me while I am walking and giving it to me in Spanish, and it sounded to me they were saying in Spanish, “What the hell Gringo, we have been waiting,( because I have been in Merida for a month, and I totally forgot my promise), what kind of bullshit is this?” And then they starting arguing between each other saying like I told you he was not giving us a football clinic, damn Gringo. So I felt like I had ruined their whole summer, so just then “Hey Joe” walks by and he speaks good English, so asked him to tell the boys that I had a friend who was supposed to come down but a business problem in the USA stopped him from coming in late June, but I promise I will get a football some way. So he told them the story, and they kind of looked at each other, and kind of shook their heads, as to say OK we will buy that, but don’t let it happen again. So as the kids walk away “Chippy” turns around and asks in Spanish, “How long”, and gives me a look, and I say “dos semanas” (2 weeks), he kind of gives me a nod, and hits his boys on the backs, and gives them a “lets go”, we took care of that Gringo. So if of any of you value my life I need a football down here in 2 weeks.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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