Mahahual’s Famous New Resident, Karenka

Mahahual can now say it has a famous actress.  pop singer, and composer as a new resident.  Just recently Cuban born pop star and singer Karenka, bought property in Mahahual, and plans to build a house and possibly a recording studio here in Mahahual.

For some of you who do not know who Karenka is I am enclosing her photo and her bio off of her website below, to give you readers an idea of who she, and how currently famous she is.

Karenka famous pop star and singer.

Karenka famous pop star and singer.

Here is Karenka’s biography off of her website

“I was born in Havana, Cuba, Karen Juantorena, better known as Karenka I come from a family of artists and athletes, I spent my childhood in Cuba where I made my debut as an actress at age 5 for a film Film Festival of the Americas, at age 9 first I set foot in a music studio to record the chorus of the song Merry Christmas and Christmas song on the disc of Silvio Rodriguez and Jose Feliciano “Road America”, at this young age I realized that my life was to sing .

I came to Mexico at the age of 11, where I finished my studies in classical ballet at the National Arts Centre INBA. At 13, I started my professional career dancing and acting in videos from artists like Celia Cruz, Willy Chirino, among others. At 14, I played in my first play directed by the great actor Hector Bonilla, my mentor in action. I was the only dancer chosen to mount the choreography with Antonio Banderas for the film The Mask of Zorro, and appear as a dancer in the film.

So, dreaming, working and growing as an artist, I was able to act, sing and dance in plays and musicals, such as “Odd Couple”, where I had the honor of playing the female co-starring with Maria Rebeca Alonso, together with Demian Bichir and Hector Bonilla. In the Broadway musical “Star Light Express” by Andrew Lloyd Webber on his first staged in Spanish, I debuted as a singer in Mexico.

From the moment I continued my career as a singer, recording the female lead singer “Mestizzo” acting in soap operas, plays, doing philanthropic work, composing for other artists like Alejandro Fernandez, Alejandra Guzman, Reyli, Luis Fonsi, Lucero among others, and then launch my first solo album “Everything is Possible” in 2010 with two singles that were placed in the top 20 nationwide radio.

Today, I am Karenka, songwriter, musician, actress, ballet dancer and poet who continues to accumulate dreams, learning and success in his career, in this site dedicated to you my dear followers are collected somehow.”

Gracias por creer en mi música.

Los amo, Karenka

Karenka on cover of "H" magazine, a popular men's magazine.

Karenka on cover of “H” magazine, a popular men’s magazine.

In an interview with “H” magazine, Karenka had this to say about Mahahual.

Karenka's comments in "H" magazine about Mahahual.

Karenka’s comments in “H” magazine about Mahahual.

In the article, she says she now lives in Playa del Carmen, but one day plans on making Mahahual her eventual home.  She said it reminds her of her native Cuba.

Here is her latest video now very popular on YouTube.

Karenka in concert.

Karenka in concert.



She recently purchased a lot here in Mahahual, and plans to start building a house here soon.  I think she will be a welcome addition to the Mahahual community. I know myself and several others will be looking forward to seeing her on the malecon and beach here in her bikini.


I also have some more real estate news and updates coming up in my next articles.  Things are really starting to pick up in Mahahual, and now we have a world-famous pop star as a neighbor.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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