Private Island near Tulum $6,000,000 USD

Cayo Culebra

Cayo Culebra

Yes, now if you have the money you can own your own private island, Cayo Culebra. The island is 10 km from Punta Allen and 35 km from Tulum. It is located in the Rivera Maya, and is in the municipality of Felipe de Carrillo Puerto, and the state of Quintana Roo. It is also in the Bahia de la Ascension Zone, and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere.

The island consists of 36 hectares, and is in an ecologically protected zone. It is a perfect location for tourism or even an eco-resort. It has beaches, wildlife and fauna, and is also a perfect spot to place a marina. It has the capacity for from 29-100 hotel rooms, depending on the developer. Perfect island for commercial and tourism development.

The price of the island is $6,000,000 USD, and has a commercial valuation of $54,000,000 USD. There is a sole owner, and it has a clear deed and title. It also has an exclusive agent, and appointments to see island have to be planned.

private island 2 private island 3 private island 4 private island 5 private island 6

Cayo Culebra Island
The auction price is $ 6 million USD
It has a valuation of $ 54 million USD.
Sole owner, It has deed.

So if you want to be like a big Hollywood celebrity, (say like Leonardo DiCaprio), and own your own private island in the Caribbean, now is your chance.  For only $6,000,000 you can buy a big piece of paradise.

So if you don’t have 6 million to spend on an island, but you are still wanting to own your own personal piece of paradise on the Mexican Caribbean, we have some houses in New Mahahual that might fit your budget.

We currently have three 2br houses for sale that will not last long.  There is a 2br house listed for $36,000 USD, and two more that are selling for $42,000 USD.  These are the standard 2br casitas that are very popular with expats here.  All three houses have two bedrooms, kitchen, bath, garden, and all have access to water, electricity, cable, internet, and all other services.

All of these houses are basically ready to be remodeled and adapted to your lifestyle or standards.  I have seen several of these made up real nice, in fact Stewart Minns, a blog reader, has one that he remodeled that I like to show people.  All of these houses are a 5 minute walk to the beach and the malecon, and are in a good safe neighborhood.  Here are some photos of these 2br houses for you to look at.

house and casitas 033 house and casitas 031 house and casitas 030 house and casitas 027 house and casitas 022 house and casitas 021 house and casitas 020 house and casitas 032So if you have $6,000,000 for a private island, or $50,000 for a small house in paradise, there is something for you here in Mahahual and Costa Maya. There is plenty of beach property available now also. So if you are interested in property here contact Costa Maya Real Estate at, or send me an email at and I can hook you up with who you need to talk to.


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina



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