New Condo Project in Mahahual, Condos Start at $54,000 USD

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There is all kinds of development going on now in Mahahual, like the water park and several condos being built on the malecon. Now there is a big condo project getting started in New Mahahual, (or as some of the locals call it the “Casitas”).

I have known about this for a while, but I could not say anything until all the papers were signed and the land was bought by the developer. The developer is out of Monterrey, Mexico, and has several projects like this in other areas. Everything is in the planning stages now, with construction expected to start in September, and be completed in the spring of 2016.

The building will have four levels, and have 20 apartments. There will be an elevator, pool, parking lot, restaurant, and a connivence store. The project will be built in New Mahahual, and will have a view of the Caribbean Sea, and the Costa Maya Port. The lot has been purchased, and I have a copy of the first draft of plans that I will include in this post. I also have a drone fly over of the property the project is on, and I will show that after it has been edited.

There is not a name yet for the condos, but they will have all the modern amenities, a/c, internet, cable tv, water, power, and all the other services available. The condos will all be two bedroom, and the prices start at 800,000 mxn pesos, or around $54,000 usd, and go up from there.

Along with a store and restaurant, there will be a concierge service, and security guards. There will also be a professional staff, to rent or manage the condos. There will also be a parking lot, even though the condos are within walking distance of the malecon and beach, and also all the stores and shops in New Mahahual.

These units would make a great retirement home, or an investment to rent to tourists. Right now it is projected that Mahahual will have a shortage of good rental condos in the future to handle all the new demand. Not only are people from the USA and Canada looking for condos to stay in during the winter months to escape the cold up north, I was told recently that the Mexican national market is now increasing during the summer months here. So can basically rent the condo out almost year round now down here. Winter time to North Americans, and summer to Mexicans from places like Mexico City, Veracruz, Merida, and other big cities in Mexico.

I am now going to post the first draft of the plans for the condo project, to give you readers an idea of what it is going to be.

Overhead view.

Overhead view.

General layout.

General layout.


Condo layout.

Condo layout.

Restaurant and store layout.

Restaurant and store layout.

The project has just started, so I think this is the first public announcement of this condo project.  If you are interested let me know, I think these condos will sell fast because of the price and location, and also the high demand from USA and Canadian from retirees looking for a place in paradise for the winter.

So if you are looking for a medium priced very nice condo on the Mexican Caribbean in a very safe and quiet beach town, these condos might be what you are looking for.  At a starting price of $54,000 usd, you can’t find that anywhere on the Caribbean, for a condo with all modern amenities.  In fact I have some friends in the USA I am going to contact about buying one of these units, before the word gets out, I think these will double in price and value in 5 years.

If you want more information, or are interested in reserving one of these condos, send me an email at  I know it is summer now, but winter is coming.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


5 thoughts on “New Condo Project in Mahahual, Condos Start at $54,000 USD

  1. Sarah Kirk says:

    Hello from cold Minnesota, USA
    I am wondering how the condos you wrote about in Aug.2015 are coming along and if they are up for sale yet? Is their a name of the property yet? I am planning to move within the next year. Thanks for the reply.

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