Tropicante Apartment on the Malecon

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I have been meaning to write this article for a long time, but things keep coming up, and I have pushed it back.  I have been running around lately signing up sponsors for the blog, and I have not had a lot of time on the internet lately.  Today is Monday, and not much going on today, so I am to knock this out today.

This past high season during the cruise ship season here, I stayed in the apartment above the Tropicante.  It was in the process of being remodeled, so I kind of stayed there while the work was being planned and started.  The apartment is right above the Tropicante restaurant on the malecon, so I would stay there and meet my blog readers or cruise ship tourists at the Tropicante during the day.  It was pretty cool, all I had to do was walk downstairs to go to work.

 Balcony View Looking South

Balcony View Looking South

Another thing I liked about the apartment was when blog readers came to town looking for me, all they had to do was yell upstairs for me to come down.  It was my kind of official hangout last year during high season, and I had a lot of people come find me there.  It is right in the center of town, and in the middle of all the action in Mahahual.  The balcony of the apartment is great, and you have one of the best views of the Caribbean in all of Costa Maya.  I spent many a night on the balcony watching all of the activity on the malecon, and the apartment has a great view up and down the malecon.  Also the view of the full moon there is unbelievable.

tropi-7-copy tropi-9-copy

I also liked the fact the apartment is right in the center of town close to everything.  During the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, I could run downstairs during halftime, walk up the malecon, get something to go to eat, walk back, and not miss a play. The apartment also has a nice kitchen, which I used a lot.  I usually made my breakfast of oatmeal or cereal, but it was very convenient.  But being by myself, it is cheaper to eat out sometimes, and there is always a pretty good selection on the malecon during high season, so I got along pretty good.


The apartment now has been remodeled, and is now available for rent, which means I had to move, because the rent is now out of my price range.  The apartment is now being rented to tourists by the week, because there is a big demand now for rentals on the malecon.  I am now living down on the south end of the malecon, in a house next to Cabanas de Doctor.  I live upstairs, and it is owned by the guys from Blue Reef condos, one of the guys and his wife live downstairs.

I still hang out at the Tropicante during the day to meet my blog readers, and other people looking for me.  It is right in the center of town, and in the middle of all the action.  So if you come to town looking for me, like a lot of people did last year, you can still find me around there, or in the vicinity.  I will be there on cruise ship days, and during football season we will be there talking football, you can trust me on that.  If you are looking for me at night, come down to the south end of the malecon next to Cabana de Doctor, and just yell upstairs, I am usually there.

The place I am staying in now is nice, but it does not compare to the Tropicante apartment.

If you want to be in the downtown, close to everything, including the bus stop, this place is great. Steve has spruced the place up a little since I stayed there, but he raised the rent too. It’s a little rich for my blood these days. Thing is, there are not many apartments with full kitchens in Mahahual for rent on the ocean, so this place is still a great deal at any price. There are some condos, but one bedrooms cost a lot more and the balconies, if you have one, are not even close. It is a private loft apartment, with a private entry, nothing like a condo.

Right now, Steve is renting the place as a one bedroom for the summer.  When I went in the other day after being gone, I didn’t recognize the place.

The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, microwave and most utensils needed for cooking full meals. The balcony is now the living area, with hammocks, seating, tables, and a bar top along the front that you can belly up to and enjoy the million dollar view. Inside, the main room is a dining area, with a coffee bar. The bedroom has a queen size bed, desk and glass doors that walk out onto the balcony living area.

The place came out nice and comfortable, lot nicer than when I stayed there, that’s for sure. It has internet, going to have A/C and solar hot water, so you never have to worry about getting a nice warm shower, something that is not automatic here in most places. The Tropicante restaurant downstairs will serve meals on your balcony or at your beach lounger, take your pick.

If you want to live like an expat for a week or so, this might be what you are looking for.  During cruise ship days, you can sit and talk to tourists from all over the USA, and at night when the ships leave, you can meet some colorful expats that live here from around the world.  Last high season I had people from the USA and Canada come down to Mahahual, and just sit around and hang out with me there at the Tropicante all day, and just sit, talk and relax.  When they left I would just go upstairs take a shower and go to bed.

Ocean View and Tropicante Beach

Ocean View and Tropicante Beach

So, if you really want to experience Mahahual, and stay in the center of town on the malecon, go to

The apartment is not going to be rented to the general public, but more like an exclusive listing, so if you are interested go to the link on this blog, or get in touch with me.  If you rent the place off of this blog, let them know, you are supposed to get the insider deal.  Right now it is going for $700 usd a week, and will go up in high season, (Nov.-April), to $900 a week, I believe.

I know a lot of you read my blog while I lived in the Tropicante apartment last high season, so you know some of the fun I had, and things I experienced.  The only problem now is, since I stayed in the Tropicante apartment, I am now hooked on living on the malecon.  There is something about getting up every morning and having a great view of the Mexican Caribbean.  So if you want to experience the malecon life here in Mahahual, and not just another hotel room, check out the Tropicante apartment.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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