Internet in Costa Maya and Mahahual, Mexico

beach computer

I know for a lot of people, good quality internet is a big factor now in choosing where you may want to live and retire. I get a lot of questions concerning how good the internet is here in Mahahual and Mexico. I know there are a lot of people now who can work from home, and all they need is a computer and a good internet signal. I have met a lot of expats in Mahahual, Playa del Carmen, and Xcalak, that work from home on their computer.

When I was at Margaritas 2 in Playa del Carmen last September, I used to hang out around the pool a lot in the afternoon. I used to see these three guys coming and going in a condo across from me, and they seemed to never to leave the condo they were staying in. I heard them talk as they went by several times, and they were speaking English, so I figured they were from the USA. So after seeing them never leave the condo, or hang out by the pool, and seeing food being delivered every day, I asked one of the guys if they were Americans, and were they working on some kind of business deal or project, from their condo, because I saw them on their computers all the time.

They laughed and said no, they were professional poker players, and that was what they did for a living. They told me that they were staying in Playa del Carmen and living in the condos there because they were playing in a month-long Texas Hold’Em poker tournament online in the USA. They said the whole month of September they were participating in the Poker Stars online tournament. The reason they were in Playa del Carmen and Mexico, was because the could not play in the tournament in the USA. In the USA online poker is now banned, and the only way they could play in the tournament was to come to Mexico, and rent a condo, and use the internet here.

So they told me, when they want to play poker online, they come to Mexico, because the internet is good here, and it is outlawed in the USA. They also told me, that Mexico is becoming very popular with online gamblers because of there are no gambling restrictions on online gambling in Mexico. One of the guys was from Las Vegas, one from Texas, and another from California, and they had met before at Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments in the USA, and decided to come to Mexico and rent a condo together, and play in the huge Poker Stars tournament. All they did all day was play in the tournament, and send out for delivery food, and hardly ever left the condo.

I told them I noticed they never went to the pool, or went out at night, so I figured either they were terrorists, or working on a big computer project in the condo, they never left, and were always on the computer. They also told me, they were thinking of relocating to Mexico full-time so they could gamble online any time they choose. They stayed for a month, played in the tournament, and then returned to the USA in October. I think one of them told me he won around $10,000 the month they were there at the condos in Playa del Carmen.

I know now a days, a lot of people work out of their homes on their computer, and do not even have to go into an office. I have met numerous people down here, that live in Mexico, and work in the USA or Canada from their computers from where they live here. In fact, I have a friend from high school and college who works for a big company in the USA, and he is thinking about living here 3 or 4 months out of the year, and all he needs is good internet to keep up with his job. He now works from home in the USA, and is thinking about doing it here in Mahahual several months out of the year.

In Mexico there is wi-fi almost everywhere now, and in Mahahual almost all the places on the malecon, and businesses have wi-fi internet. The internet on the malecon and in New Mahahual is provided by the local cable company, and is pretty decent. On cruise ship days and on big tourist weekends, the internet on the malecon sometimes is not that good, but it is bearable. I have lived in a bunch of places in Mahahual, and I have gotten by with the internet services I have gotten from these different locations. The last place I lived on the south part of the malecon, the internet was not that good there, but I survived.

phone and computer on beach

Well all that has changed now. The house I am staying in now has internet service from Costa Maya Communications. The house I am living in now is kind of remote, and not able to get the local cable and internet services from the local cable company here. The internet signal comes to an antenna on the top of the house and it is excellent. I don’t know much about internet signals and stuff, but I do know now I can watch any football game I want, surf the internet, and write this blog a lot better than I have been able to in the past. I can also use all my mobile devices and Iphone a lot easier and faster.

Costa Maya Communications is the name of the company, which was created to provide reliable, high-speed Internet to the entire coast known as Costa Maya.  Costa Maya Communications has a coverage of over 100 kilometers of Costa Maya, including Sian Kaan, Mahahual, Xahuayxol and Xcalak.

Customer comparisons put their service above what they have experienced in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and even Cancun. They achieve this by utilizing the finest wireless equipment available in the world, a commercial class, carrier grade technology manufactured by Motorola, and now Cambium, the leaders in professional wireless equipment.

Costa Maya Communications has invested heavily in an infrastructure that exceeds standard wireless specifications in order to ensure a reliable service in a very harsh environment for many years to come. All of our equipment and towers are protected for lightning, storms and salt air, and have redundant systems built-in to make sure all of their clients are connected 24/7, 365 days of the year.

The Costa Maya Communications service makes many services possible for their clients, including clear VoIP service (phone calls), streaming videos and movies, online gaming, security surveillance and more.

They have 4 towers in their system, strategically placed to make sure that every inch of Costa Maya has access to their high-speed service.

If you would like to get in touch with Costa Maya Communications for more information or you might have some questions contact Otto Bakemeier, Costa Maya Communications (

I have known Otto since I first arrived in Mahahual. I used to go to his internet cafe he had on the malecon a lot when I first got to Mahahual. I know a lot of people in the area which has his internet service, and he has a lot of satisfied customers.

So rest assured, if you are thinking of living or retiring in Mahahual or Costa Maya in the future there is good quality internet services here.. Even if you live in the jungle or the middle of nowhere like Xcalak, Rio Indio or Placer, you can have quality internet to watch movies and tv, football games, or just keep in touch with the USA and Canada with email and Facebook.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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