Cost of Renting in Mahahual

It is that time of year, and I am getting searches and questions about renting in Mahahual during the winter, which is considered high season here. A lot of people like to rent here during the winter to see if they like it before they settle down and buy property or a house.

There are a lot of good rentals here, and I know of several good ones that are availiable now. If you need some information let me know. This article I wrote last year goes into the cost of renting here, and some of the options.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Map of New Mahahual and water park. Map of New Mahahual and water park.

I have getting a lot of good and interesting questions lately on this blog. Instead of just replying I thought I would share some of the better questions and answer them here on the blog, because I figure some other readers might be having the same thoughts.

” I am thinking of retiring somewhere in Costa Maya. Are there small, inexpensive apartments on the outskirts of Majahual? I will probably have to find part-time work to supplement my social security. Any advice or suggestions for an aging hippie?”

Good question, in Mahahual there are plenty of housing options for folks on a budget. Most of the expats and people who work in Mahahaul live in New Mahahual, near the port. Living on the beach in Mahahual is kind of expensive for the average retiree. There are very nice condos on the malecon that…

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