Iguana Farm in Mexico

There is a man in Manzanillo, Mexico that raises iguanas. and other animals that are donated to him.  He is starting a conservation effort to help save these animals and provide them with homes.

iguana 1 iguana 3 iguana 4 iguana 5 iguana 6

He is an article below I translated using Goole Translate about this man and his current plight.  It was sent to me by a Facebook friend here in Mexico. I thought a lot of you readers would like the photos of all these iguanas.  When I ride my bike around Mahahual, I see iguanas all the time, they are also pets for a lot of people.

“SOCIAL WORK: They are asked to support Mr. RAMON ARCHINDIA the iguana that for more than 40 years to care this beautiful species of iguanas and other animals such as raccoons, badgers, turtles, pigeons owner, etc. It has more than 500 iguanas and animals donated by manzanillenses they can not have at home and somehow or other they are given to eat and treated with love, iguanas eat an estimated 350 kilos a day food merchants Market May 5 Manzanillo center donated to feed so many iguana.

Now Government institutions want to take the iguana because they say has caged animals and are doing everything possible to deprive Mr. ARCHUNDIA something that has cost, I was promised support by all political parties over the years and to date None met by any means but if looking for ways to keep this place for their own benefit. The animals must be swept clean them daily to feed them we have to go for the vegetables 4 or 5 times a day do something RAMON ARCHUNDIA lovingly let them photos of the work that makes this man simply by having them love few know that there is this tourist attraction and that the government does not disclose that receives no tax charged is not only volunteer hope to find skilled and knowledge people can do about it to help Mr. RAMON ARCHUNDIA and conservation of this place located in Manzanillo Mexico.”
Contact Mr.Efren Tleyolt through Ouegf Ozacnor


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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