Mahahual No Season

There are three seasons in Mahahual, low season, high season, and no season. Right now it is no season in Mahahual. Nobody is in town. No tourists, no European hippie backpackers, and a lot of the local expats are back in the USA and Canada.

The town is so empty you can barely find a place open to eat on the malecon. A lot of the locals that live and work here are on vacation, or home visiting family.

Every day i have been riding my bike up and down the malecon for something to write about, but nada, nothing going on. So lately I have been lazy and reposting some posts and articles from the past here on this blog.

I mean nobody is in town, no Mexican tourists on the beach, no scuba divers, nothing. I even stopped by Buceando Mahahual yesterday and asked Moises if had any videos or anything for me to use, nada, nothing, no business.

September is usually the height of hurricane season, but because of it being an El Nino year, no hurricane activity so far.

I had forgotten how slow it is in Mahahual in September, because last year I was in Playa del Carmen during this time, and at least saw some people there.

So if you don’t any new articles or stories on this blog it is because I basically have nothing to write about. Even some of the local businesses I want to write about, are not even open, and the owners or managers are not even in town.

So, untill the cruise ships start coming regularly, and the “Snow Birds” return, I will be watching a lot of football.

Mahahual malecon yesterday, like a ghost town.

Mahahual malecon yesterday, like a ghost town.  It will be this way until October.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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