Mahahual ExPat at 57

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Yesterday was Sunday September 20, and it was my birthday. It was kind of rainy and overcast, so I decided just to stay home by myself and watch NFL football all day. There is not going on much this time of year in Mahahual, so I did not have a lot of choices. The town is basically empty until October and the cruise ships come back.

Well I was sitting there watching football, and I thought to myself, you know if you were to ask me 10 or 20 years ago if I thought at 57 years old I would be living in Mexico, in a little town I had never heard of, I would have told you, you were crazy.

But as fate has it, I am living in Mahahual, and it is the best thing I have ever done. I thought Belize was the place I would end up in my later years, but by chance I ended up in Mahahual. I am 57 years old now, and probably as happy as I have been at any time in my life, except for college.

I mean I am living the life a lot of people only dream about. I am totally free, and can do as I please. I live on the Caribbean Sea, in one of the most beautiful places on the Mexican Caribbean, Mahahual. Every day I am marvelled at all the natural beauty here. Unless you have lived here, it is very hard to explain.

The house I am living in now.  Nice place, more on the house later.

The house I am living in now. Nice place, more on the house later.

Also not only am I living in a beautiful place, the people here are all nice and friendly. Every where I go, people say hello and are friendly to me, and I am pretty much well-known all over town. In fact, I was talking to a local guy the other day, and I was telling him where I live now so he could make a delivery, and he told me don’t worry everybody in town knows you and where you live. Which is kind of true here in Mahahual, everybody knows everybody, and I kind of like that.

I tell people all the time, Mahahual is the “Mayberry” of Mexico. For you young people, Mayberry is a fictional town in North Carolina, where the old “Andy Griffith” television show took place. Mahahual has a town drunk like “Otis”, you can see him every day on the malecon, swinging his arms, talking to himself, and staggering around, and like “Otis”, he is harmless. The Sheriff here does not have a gun, no crime, and like “Mayberry” there are a lot of “gossipy” older women in town. We don’t have a barbershop like “Floyd’s”, but the men sit around and gossip at the local bars here.

So I consider myself very lucky for where I am at 57 years old. I am not driving a car back and forth to work everyday, and spending an hour or two every day driving the same route back and forth. I am not surrounded by a bunch of idiots with guns, like I was in the USA. I don’t have a dead-end job, and miserable. I actually look forward to waking up here each day, not like the USA, where some days I dreaded getting up and going to work.

So for me, the expat lifestyle here in Mahahual is perfect for me at age 57. I am not getting rich by any means. I ride my bike every where I go, don’t have a car. I know every body in town, and everybody knows me. I feel like I am in the safest place in the world in Mahahual. When I see a police man here, or one walks up to me to talk, I am not in fear of my life of being shot, the police here are very nice and polite.

Me, getting what hair I have left cut.  Not bad hair cut on the beach for 35 pesos.  Guy on bike comes by and gives hair cuts on the beach.

Me, getting what hair I have left cut. Not bad hair cut on the beach for 35 pesos. Guy on bike comes by and gives hair cuts on the beach.

Now I know the expat lifestyle here is not for everyone, but for me at 57 years old, it is perfect for me. I would not trade where I live, and what I do with anyone. I have joked with several tourists, and told them when I die, they are going to spread my ashes on the beach in Mahahual, because I am not going anywhere.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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