New Beauty Salon on the Malecon

Isela in front of her salon.

Isela in front of her salon.

A new beauty salon has just opened up right off the malecon in Mahahual.   Estetica Fashion Isela is located behind the Crazy Lobster, a couple of steps off of the malecon. The salon is owned and operated by Isela Ricncon Martinez, and she has been in Mahahual for three months.

Estetica Fashion Isela salon

Estetica Fashion Isela salon

Isela is originally from Mexico City, and has 17 years experience in the salon and spa business. She went to college in cosmetology in Mexico City and is professionally trained. Like a lot of people I meet who now live in Mahahual, she came here on vacation and decided to come back to live. She thought about and looked at Cancun, but decided she much preferred Mahahual, to open her business.

Isela told me she likes the small town atmosphere here in Mahahual. She also loves the beach, tranquillity, and the people here in Mahahual. She came back after her vacation to live because of these reasons, and several others, like safety. She feels very safe here compared to Mexico City.

She does a full line of services at her salon. Here are some of the things she offers and some prices.

Hair cut for men, women, and children 50 pesos.
Pedicure 200 pesos
Manicure 80 pesos (includes spa)
Hair Dye from 180 pesos
Hair style 150 pesos
Hair extensions from 4,000 pesos
Eyelash extensions 150 pesos
Nails acrylic 150 pesos
Leg wax 500 pesos

tiff infomation

tiff infomation

Those are some of the prices and things Isela has at her salon, and she has more, but these are just the ones I have listed. She accepts walk-ins, and she is open during cruise ship days. If you want to make an appointment or get in touch with Isela her email is, WhatsApp 99-8319-3865, and on Facebook Isela Lun.

Isela Rincon Martinez, owner of salon.

Isela Rincon Martinez, owner of salon.

So if you are in town this high season and winter, on a cruise ship, an expat, or even here on vacation and you need a hair cut, pedicure, or anything else a spa or salon offers, stop in and check her salon out.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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