Almost Done! Chetumal Airport Expansion Update Sept 21,2015

Here is an update on the Chetumal Airport extension. It is an article by another blog writer here in Mahahual. I have been getting some questions about this lately, so this update is pretty informative.

Tales From Mahahual

There has been lots of interest from the recent blog I wrote on the airport expansion project in Chetumal, so I thought an update on the progress might be due. If you missed that original blog, click here to review that article. There has been a lot going on and some new info about the flights that will be coming in, and even some from the US. The work seems to be moving along nicely but I still can’t get a completion date. It should not be much longer though, as the airport has already hired new staff and so have a couple air carriers who will keep small staffs in Chetumal. We have to be getting close!

chet airport new terminal

As for the construction, most of the terminal addition and new customs areas are complete. The bulk of the remaining work is on the runway extension. Much of the new runway…

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