Ñam Ñam Fast Food in Mahahual

Ñam Ñam now serves ber and wine, and has added some other items to their menu. They still have the best hamburger in town, and the other night I stopped by and got some chicken fingers to take home to watch football, and they were so good, they reminded me of home. If you are coming to Mahahual, stop by and check them out.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Right around the corner from me, right off the malecon, Ñam Ñam Fast Food has just opened. Ñam Ñam serves hamburgers, empanadas, burritos, chimichangas, tacos, taco salads, buffalo and bbq chicken wings, onion rings, desserts, and many other selections.

Ñam Ñam Fast Food is owned and operated by Noelia Ancibar and Isela Schiappapietra, both originally from Montevideo, Uruguay. They have been in Mahahual for five years, and they both have worked at several different businessess here in Mahahual, and at the Costa Maya Port. I have seen them around on the malecon, and at the port, but I never really had a chance to talk to them much until they opened Ñam Ñam.

Noelia and Isela, with their daughter, Nahia. Noelia and Isela, with their daughter, Nahia.

They visited Mahahual on vacation, and like a lot of other people I have met here, they decided to stay. They said they love Mahahual because of the weather here…

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