New Beauty Salon on the Malecon

Isela in front of her salon.

Isela in front of her salon.

A new beauty salon has just opened up right off the malecon in Mahahual.   Estetica Fashion Isela is located behind the Crazy Lobster, a couple of steps off of the malecon. The salon is owned and operated by Isela Ricncon Martinez, and she has been in Mahahual for three months.

Estetica Fashion Isela salon

Estetica Fashion Isela salon

Isela is originally from Mexico City, and has 17 years experience in the salon and spa business. She went to college in cosmetology in Mexico City and is professionally trained. Like a lot of people I meet who now live in Mahahual, she came here on vacation and decided to come back to live. She thought about and looked at Cancun, but decided she much preferred Mahahual, to open her business.

Isela told me she likes the small town atmosphere here in Mahahual. She also loves the beach, tranquillity, and the people here in Mahahual. She came back after her vacation to live because of these reasons, and several others, like safety. She feels very safe here compared to Mexico City.

She does a full line of services at her salon. Here are some of the things she offers and some prices.

Hair cut for men, women, and children 50 pesos.
Pedicure 200 pesos
Manicure 80 pesos (includes spa)
Hair Dye from 180 pesos
Hair style 150 pesos
Hair extensions from 4,000 pesos
Eyelash extensions 150 pesos
Nails acrylic 150 pesos
Leg wax 500 pesos

tiff infomation

tiff infomation

Those are some of the prices and things Isela has at her salon, and she has more, but these are just the ones I have listed. She accepts walk-ins, and she is open during cruise ship days. If you want to make an appointment or get in touch with Isela her email is, WhatsApp 99-8319-3865, and on Facebook Isela Lun.

Isela Rincon Martinez, owner of salon.

Isela Rincon Martinez, owner of salon.

So if you are in town this high season and winter, on a cruise ship, an expat, or even here on vacation and you need a hair cut, pedicure, or anything else a spa or salon offers, stop in and check her salon out.

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Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

A Short Expat Guide To Food And Drink In Mexico

Costa Maya Mahahual

This is a nice article I got sent to me by  I thought I would share.

Mole in the bottom right corner of the photo is a very popular dish here. It is more bitter than sweet. Mole in the bottom right corner of the photo is a very popular dish here. It is more bitter than sweet.

Food is an essential aspect of Mexican culture and identity, as it plays a major role in everyday life, social occasions, business events and all celebrations. The cuisine in this country is a fusion of Mesoamerican cooking with Spanish elements.

Because of the variance in geography, climate and ethnicity, food in Mexico may vary from one region to another. For example, beef preparations are more likely to be served in the northern part of Mexico, while the southeastern part of the country is known for chicken-based dishes. Similarly, states along the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean are famous for their fish preparations.

Some of the basic staples of Mexican cooking…

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Mahahual ExPat at 57

iphone and wilber photos 018

Yesterday was Sunday September 20, and it was my birthday. It was kind of rainy and overcast, so I decided just to stay home by myself and watch NFL football all day. There is not going on much this time of year in Mahahual, so I did not have a lot of choices. The town is basically empty until October and the cruise ships come back.

Well I was sitting there watching football, and I thought to myself, you know if you were to ask me 10 or 20 years ago if I thought at 57 years old I would be living in Mexico, in a little town I had never heard of, I would have told you, you were crazy.

But as fate has it, I am living in Mahahual, and it is the best thing I have ever done. I thought Belize was the place I would end up in my later years, but by chance I ended up in Mahahual. I am 57 years old now, and probably as happy as I have been at any time in my life, except for college.

I mean I am living the life a lot of people only dream about. I am totally free, and can do as I please. I live on the Caribbean Sea, in one of the most beautiful places on the Mexican Caribbean, Mahahual. Every day I am marvelled at all the natural beauty here. Unless you have lived here, it is very hard to explain.

The house I am living in now.  Nice place, more on the house later.

The house I am living in now. Nice place, more on the house later.

Also not only am I living in a beautiful place, the people here are all nice and friendly. Every where I go, people say hello and are friendly to me, and I am pretty much well-known all over town. In fact, I was talking to a local guy the other day, and I was telling him where I live now so he could make a delivery, and he told me don’t worry everybody in town knows you and where you live. Which is kind of true here in Mahahual, everybody knows everybody, and I kind of like that.

I tell people all the time, Mahahual is the “Mayberry” of Mexico. For you young people, Mayberry is a fictional town in North Carolina, where the old “Andy Griffith” television show took place. Mahahual has a town drunk like “Otis”, you can see him every day on the malecon, swinging his arms, talking to himself, and staggering around, and like “Otis”, he is harmless. The Sheriff here does not have a gun, no crime, and like “Mayberry” there are a lot of “gossipy” older women in town. We don’t have a barbershop like “Floyd’s”, but the men sit around and gossip at the local bars here.

So I consider myself very lucky for where I am at 57 years old. I am not driving a car back and forth to work everyday, and spending an hour or two every day driving the same route back and forth. I am not surrounded by a bunch of idiots with guns, like I was in the USA. I don’t have a dead-end job, and miserable. I actually look forward to waking up here each day, not like the USA, where some days I dreaded getting up and going to work.

So for me, the expat lifestyle here in Mahahual is perfect for me at age 57. I am not getting rich by any means. I ride my bike every where I go, don’t have a car. I know every body in town, and everybody knows me. I feel like I am in the safest place in the world in Mahahual. When I see a police man here, or one walks up to me to talk, I am not in fear of my life of being shot, the police here are very nice and polite.

Me, getting what hair I have left cut.  Not bad hair cut on the beach for 35 pesos.  Guy on bike comes by and gives hair cuts on the beach.

Me, getting what hair I have left cut. Not bad hair cut on the beach for 35 pesos. Guy on bike comes by and gives hair cuts on the beach.

Now I know the expat lifestyle here is not for everyone, but for me at 57 years old, it is perfect for me. I would not trade where I live, and what I do with anyone. I have joked with several tourists, and told them when I die, they are going to spread my ashes on the beach in Mahahual, because I am not going anywhere.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Mahahual No Season

There are three seasons in Mahahual, low season, high season, and no season. Right now it is no season in Mahahual. Nobody is in town. No tourists, no European hippie backpackers, and a lot of the local expats are back in the USA and Canada.

The town is so empty you can barely find a place open to eat on the malecon. A lot of the locals that live and work here are on vacation, or home visiting family.

Every day i have been riding my bike up and down the malecon for something to write about, but nada, nothing going on. So lately I have been lazy and reposting some posts and articles from the past here on this blog.

I mean nobody is in town, no Mexican tourists on the beach, no scuba divers, nothing. I even stopped by Buceando Mahahual yesterday and asked Moises if had any videos or anything for me to use, nada, nothing, no business.

September is usually the height of hurricane season, but because of it being an El Nino year, no hurricane activity so far.

I had forgotten how slow it is in Mahahual in September, because last year I was in Playa del Carmen during this time, and at least saw some people there.

So if you don’t any new articles or stories on this blog it is because I basically have nothing to write about. Even some of the local businesses I want to write about, are not even open, and the owners or managers are not even in town.

So, untill the cruise ships start coming regularly, and the “Snow Birds” return, I will be watching a lot of football.

Mahahual malecon yesterday, like a ghost town.

Mahahual malecon yesterday, like a ghost town.  It will be this way until October.

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Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Photos of Houses on Sale for $42,000 in Mahahual, Mexico

Costa Maya Mahahual

I got this question, and several others, on the post I did about the two houses for sale in New Mahahual. I went and took some photos awhile back of the houses, and I am going to post these now. Now keep in mind I took these with my ancient 3gs Iphone, and I am not a professional photographer, so these are the best I have at the moment. These houses I am sure will not last long.

“Where can I see photos of the lots and photos of the house and each room?? thank you, Bonnie”
house and casitas 033

house and casitas 032

house and casitas 031

house and casitas 028

house and casitas 029

house and casitas 030

house and casitas 027

house and casitas 026

house and casitas 021

house and casitas 022

house and casitas 023

house and casitas 020

I hope this answers your question, and if you need any more information about these houses let me know, or go to the Costa Maya Real Estate website, There are also other listings and properties on the website you may be interested in here in Mahahual. There are residential lots available now…

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Iguana Farm in Mexico

There is a man in Manzanillo, Mexico that raises iguanas. and other animals that are donated to him.  He is starting a conservation effort to help save these animals and provide them with homes.

iguana 1 iguana 3 iguana 4 iguana 5 iguana 6

He is an article below I translated using Goole Translate about this man and his current plight.  It was sent to me by a Facebook friend here in Mexico. I thought a lot of you readers would like the photos of all these iguanas.  When I ride my bike around Mahahual, I see iguanas all the time, they are also pets for a lot of people.

“SOCIAL WORK: They are asked to support Mr. RAMON ARCHINDIA the iguana that for more than 40 years to care this beautiful species of iguanas and other animals such as raccoons, badgers, turtles, pigeons owner, etc. It has more than 500 iguanas and animals donated by manzanillenses they can not have at home and somehow or other they are given to eat and treated with love, iguanas eat an estimated 350 kilos a day food merchants Market May 5 Manzanillo center donated to feed so many iguana.

Now Government institutions want to take the iguana because they say has caged animals and are doing everything possible to deprive Mr. ARCHUNDIA something that has cost, I was promised support by all political parties over the years and to date None met by any means but if looking for ways to keep this place for their own benefit. The animals must be swept clean them daily to feed them we have to go for the vegetables 4 or 5 times a day do something RAMON ARCHUNDIA lovingly let them photos of the work that makes this man simply by having them love few know that there is this tourist attraction and that the government does not disclose that receives no tax charged is not only volunteer hope to find skilled and knowledge people can do about it to help Mr. RAMON ARCHUNDIA and conservation of this place located in Manzanillo Mexico.”
Contact Mr.Efren Tleyolt through Ouegf Ozacnor


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Cost of Renting in Mahahual

It is that time of year, and I am getting searches and questions about renting in Mahahual during the winter, which is considered high season here. A lot of people like to rent here during the winter to see if they like it before they settle down and buy property or a house.

There are a lot of good rentals here, and I know of several good ones that are availiable now. If you need some information let me know. This article I wrote last year goes into the cost of renting here, and some of the options.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Map of New Mahahual and water park. Map of New Mahahual and water park.

I have getting a lot of good and interesting questions lately on this blog. Instead of just replying I thought I would share some of the better questions and answer them here on the blog, because I figure some other readers might be having the same thoughts.

” I am thinking of retiring somewhere in Costa Maya. Are there small, inexpensive apartments on the outskirts of Majahual? I will probably have to find part-time work to supplement my social security. Any advice or suggestions for an aging hippie?”

Good question, in Mahahual there are plenty of housing options for folks on a budget. Most of the expats and people who work in Mahahaul live in New Mahahual, near the port. Living on the beach in Mahahual is kind of expensive for the average retiree. There are very nice condos on the malecon that…

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