Chacchoben Mayan Ruins, Costa Maya, Mexico

Costa Maya Mahahual

A lot of cruise ship passengers when they come to Costa Maya take and enjoy the Chacchoben ruins nearby. It is probably the most popular tour in Costa Maya. I went there recently and here are some photos and more information about this recently new discovered site.

Overview of site. Overview of site.

Chacconben map. Chacchoben map.

Chacchoben’s roots reach back some 3000 years.
Earliest human settlements in the area have been dated 1000BC, by 360AD Chacchoben was a prestigious ceremonial center boasting Gran Basamento as its most important ritual plaza.
Today Chacchoben’s Temple One, soaring above the canopy of the tropical forest, still expresses the glory of the city’s ancient sophistication.


Chacchoben is only 50 minutes from the Costa Maya Port, which makes it perfect for a half day tour.
The popular Chacchoben Maya Ruins Tour for cruise ship guests is completed in 4 hours total.

Recent history of Chacchoben started in 1942 when…

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