Mahahual Update September 2015

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If you want to get away from it all, and want to spend some time alone on a beach, then you should come to Mahahual and Costa Maya during September. Like I said in an earlier post, we have three seasons in Mahahual, high season, low season and no season.

From about the middle of August until around the first of October, Mahahual is almost a ghost town. A few people like myself stick around, but most people who live and work here, go on vacation, or go back to the states or Canada for a while.

Mahahual malecon yesterday, like a ghost town.

Mahahual malecon yesterday, like a ghost town.

Last September I stayed in Playa del Carmen, so I had forgotten how slow it is this time of the year in Mahahual. If not for watching football, I would have absolutely nothing to do. September is the slowest month of the year here in Mahahual. Usually there are hurricane watches, but because of it being an El Nino year, no hurricanes so far.

In September the trade winds stop for a while, and the bugs come out, and it gets hot here in Mahahual. And with no cool Caribbean breezes coming through it can be very uncomfortable. But I am not complaining, because I am currently house sitting, and I got a nice place with ceiling fans and air conditioning when I need it, so I have been pretty comfortable during this past month.

This I believe is going to be the last year we have “no season” here in Mahahual. I have been told that next summer we have start having 10 to 12 cruise ships a month, and have at least 2 or 3 ships a week throughout the whole year now. This is due in part to the new water park opening in December. So next year during the months of September and August, more people will be staying in Mahahual, and working at the water park. There will be 2 to 3 ships a week in town during summer next year, so more residents will be staying and working.

Mahahual lighthouse.

This is a big week here in Mahahual, because on October 8, the cruise ship companies are coming to Costa Maya Port and Mahahual to look at the port, water park and the town. There is also supposed to be a big ceremony and announcement about the cruise ship lines and Mahahual’s future . I can’t say anything or go into any details about this at the moment, but it will be very good for Costa Maya and Mahahual’s future.

There is a lot of construction going on here in Mahahual, and the water park is close to being finished. There are also a lot job opportunities here now, and I see notices and posters around town advertising for help. I have heard that the water park and other tour businesses are looking for between 300 and 500 people to help with all the tourists this year.

Condos and new homes are also being built in Mahahual to be able to handle all the new workers and tourists expected this year. Everywhere I go in town riding around on my bike, I hear and see construction going on. Right around the corner from the house I am staying at, a nice new house is going up.

So, the future looks very bright here in Mahahual. I for one, am glad I am here to witness Mahahual’s growth. Mahahual has changed a lot in the four years I have been here, and I am sure it is going to change a lot in the near future.

Several more things I want to go into. A friend of mine down here is looking for a husband and wife team to be caretakers for his villa north of Mahahual. If any one is interested let me know. This would a great opportunity for someone to come down here to live and work. I will go into more detail if anyone is interested.

I also get a lot of emails and questions from readers asking me about places that they might can rent for high season. Some people also are looking to maybe rent here, and see how they like it before they buy. So the last month or so, I have been compiling a list of some of the options to rent in Mahahual this winter. I have found places for several people lately. I am going to do an article on my list and options in the near future. So if you need a place let me know, I got all the connections now, and I can help you find something. Email me at and I will see what I can do.

I have to put in this plug now, if you are looking for a house here in Mahahual and are maybe thinking about retiring here, you got to check out this house I am staying at. It is nice, and I really like living here. I got great internet, it is quiet and secluded, and I can get a lot of work done. It is the nicest place I have stayed in Mexico. I got all the conveniences of the USA, right here in Mexico. The only problem is, the house is so nice it has effected my social life. I just go into town, do my work, see my people, and then ride my bike back here and watch TV or football, and chill out. I feel like I am living in my own hacienda.

The house I am living in now.

The house I am living in now.

Villa Caribe is listed at $159,000 usd, and you can read about the house in an earlier article I wrote. Also if you have sent me an email in the past about looking for a place to stay, remind me and send me another email please, I think I got back to all of them, but I might have missed one. I have several apartments, condos, and houses that I have talked to the owners about renting to my blog readers.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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