Villa Casona Palms Uvero, Mexico

Villa Casona Palms Uvero Beach, Mexico.

Villa Casona Palms Uvero Beach, Mexico.

Last week I finally got the chance to go up to Uvero Beach and visit Villa Casona Palms. I have heard about the villa, and several people told me it was worth the trip north to see it, so last week I made the trip there.

Villa Casona Palms is owned and operated by Micheal Owen, originally from Great Britain. Micheal is one the locals here in Mahahual who I have come to know. So he invited to come look at his place, and we took the drive to Uvero.

Micheal told me his story on the trip up there. He retired in 2008 after spending 27 years in the corporate world in Europe. He retired in Belgium, and is married to a woman from Belgium , and has three children. Micheal is the son of a British diplomat, and has lived all over the world. He even lived in Spain, where he became fluent in Spanish.

Micheal and his wife have traveled all over the world, and she currently is a journalist in Belgium. After Micheal retired he decided to look for a place and build his dream house in paradise. He and his wife had never been to Mexico so they decided to look around and see if Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean was for them.

Like everybody else they tried Cancun first, and decided against it, too crowded and commercial for them. So they decided to rent a car and explore the Yucatan. They checked out Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Chichen Itza, and all the other usual places while they were here on holiday.

They decided they liked the Mexican Caribbean, and Micheal decided to come back after the holiday to explore and maybe look for some property to invest in. While Micheal was in Playa del Carmen he heard about Mahahual, and decided to go take a look. He did his research, and looked at about 30 lots, and he did not see anything that he liked. At the last-minute the realtor mentioned he should look at some property in Uvero Beach, about 30 kilometers north of Mahahual.

This was in 2008, right after Hurricane Dean, and there was no vegetation due to the hurricane, and he saw the potential of the piece of beach property in Uvero. The property was off the beaten path, and had that “wow” factor they were looking for. He loved that the reef was intact, the calm water, and decided to make this their corner of paradise. So he called his wife and told her he had found paradise and they bought the beach front property in Uvero.

In 2009 they started the plans and design of the house, and construction started in 2010. They decided to use a builder and architect out of Bacalar, Ricardo (Shiva) Romay. Ricardo is an architect and construction manager, and handled everything from top to bottom in the construction of the house. The villa has a beautiful layout, and construction went through with no problems, and the villa is the most unique house I have seen in Mexico. In case you were interested to see what else the villa’s architect, Ricardo (Shiva) Romay has done in this area, go to his website,

The villa turned out so nice and magical, that Micheal has decided to rent it out to tourists, and share his own piece  of paradise. The villa is off the grid and beaten path, and has its own private beach. It is remote, but very safe, and is truly paradise.

Villa Casona Palms is rented by the week, with a minimum of five days, and the average renter stays for about nine days. The villa is surrounded by amazing wildlife, and sometimes you can see jaguars, tropical birds, tapirs, and other animals unique to this area. The beach at the villa is amazing, and the water is that color that you only see on the Caribbean. There is also a great view of the coastline from the balcony, and there is always a cool Caribbean breeze.

The villa is totally off the grid, with solar power, it has good internet, and all the other luxuries tourists are looking for. It is about a 30 minute drive from Mahahual, so it is a good base if you want to explore Mahahual and Costa Maya. There is great service at the villa, and there even is a guest book that covers everything you need to know during your stay there. The guest book lists places to eat and shop, activities available, and everything else the renter might think of.

So if you are looking for somewhere off the beaten path, and want to spend some time in a Caribbean paradise go to the Villa Casona Palms website,

Here are some photos of this beautiful villa and beach, (not taken by me of course), for you to see. I was very impressed by the villa and property, and trust me I have seen a lot of villas, houses, and resort property in my time down here in Belize and Mexico. But  I have to say this is the most impressive villa I have seen yet here in Mahahual, and in my travels.

image image image image image image image image image

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

4 thoughts on “Villa Casona Palms Uvero, Mexico

  1. Reblogged this on Costa Maya Mahahual and commented:

    I am getting bombarded with emails and requests from people looking for a place to rent for vacation during this winter. I am also getting a lot of requests concerning long term rentals here in Mahahual. So this week I am going to concentrate on vacation rentals and long term rentals. I will be posting and listing some of the options here in Mahahual for vacation rentals and long term rentals. Today I am going to share Villa Casona Palms, an exclusive vacation rental property in Uvero Beach, about 30 kilometers north of Mahahual. If you want to get away from it all, and live off the grid,Villa Casona Palms is for you. It is one of the nicer options here in Mahahual.
    I will listing some more rentals and condos this week for rent.

  2. Diane Boissonneault says:

    Very interesting Stewart… I would comme in novembre… I will let you know soon.. when exactly. Thank you for your nice work.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Mr. Steward Rogers, I spent time north of Majajual in the Siaan Kiaan Biosphere in the early naughts. it looks from Google Earth that the from 2009 pics to 2016 pics there has been a lot of development. I would like to open a dialogue with you about the area as i am eager to return with my family for a visit. I presently reside in Texas, though have lived all over, and am considering retiring in Merida and/or in the biosphere.

    I hope you find me worthy of reply.



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