Costa de Cocos Videos Xcalak, Mexico

I met yesterday with David Randall owner and operator of Costa de Cocos, a fishing and diving resort in Xcalak, Mexico. Costa de Cocos is world-renowned fishing destination for fly fishermen.

David has been in Xcalak 31 years and is originally from Minnesota. I will go into more detail about his resort in the near future.

We were discussing his new distillery yesterday in Xcalak yesterday. Mango Moonshining,, is a new sponsor to this blog, and I was fascinated to learn that not only does he make moonshine and brews his own beer, he is now making his own bourbon here in Mexico. I will also go into more detail about his bourbon later also.

But in doing my research about the distillery and resort in Xcalak, I came across some great videos about Costa de Cocos. So I am going to share these videos today. Tomorrow I will have an article on the moonshine and bourbon that is now being produced in Xcalak.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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