Mahahual Day October 24, 2015 at Water Park


new water park 1

I rode my bike today to the new water park to confirm or deny a CMR, (Costa Maya Rumor). The CMR was that the new water park was going to have an open house at the water park for the residents of Mahahual on October 16,17,18, or this weekend. I have had several people contact me for more information about when Mahahual Day was at the park.

There is a lot of interest and excitement about the new water park opening, and I have been getting a lot of inquiries. So after the rain let up today, I hopped on my bike and went to confirm myself this CMR.

I went up to the front gate, got off my bike and went up to the head of security standing there. I showed them my Yucatan Times press id, and told them I was there to confirm when Mahahual Day was at the park. They assured me that is was definitely October 24, or next Saturday.

So there it is folks a CMF, Costa Maya Fact, the Mahahual Day at the new water park is next Saturday October 24, 2015. All rides and activities will be open to the public. I myself will be there doing the zip lines, water slide, and whatever else they got. To me it is like having a mini Six Flags moving in around the corner from me. I can get there in 3 minutes. I have to admit I am looking forward to going to the water park, and I am 57 years old.

Thanks for reading,
Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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