Questions and Comments about Mahahual for October 2015

It is starting to get cold up north, which means people are looking for a warm place to spend the winter.  So because of this I am getting a bunch of emails and questions on this blog about everything from places to live, to how to get here, and if there is Catholic mass here in Mahahual on Christmas Day.
So I am going to jump right in and answer some of these questions today.  I will also post some comments from readers.
Of course one of the biggest concerns for people coming to Mahahual on vacation or on a cruise ship is the condition of the Sargasso seaweed on the beaches.
“Love reading your posts. Is the government doing anything about the trash on the beaches? Any plans in place to have cleaner sand without the washed up debris?


“We will be coming to Cancun on October 13 we were wondering if the seaweed is still clogging the beaches”

I have been getting these questions about the seaweed all year, and I have written several articles about it.  I can honestly say the seaweed problem is gone for the time being.  Some washes up every now and then, but for the most part the beaches are not getting invaded every day now with seaweed.

The government and the local community have done a great job keeping the beaches clean, but also the Sargasso seaweed has died down and you don’t see big giant clumps of it floating around.  I took some photos on the beach yesterday at the Tropicante to demonstrate this.

Seaweed back to normal in Mahahual.

Seaweed back to normal in Mahahual.

Beach yesterday.

Beach yesterday.

“My family (9 of us) would like to attend Mass on Christmas Day.
Please send your Mass schedule.
Please no directions from the Cruise ship – Norwegian Dawn”

Good question, I checked yesterday, and the Catholic Church in the center of Mahahual will be open for mass on Christmas Day.  The church is right across the street from the athletic field, next to the taxi area.

“Dear sir
I am a canadian living in belize and would like to move to a better place. Mahahual seems nice and modern and growing and would like to stay there for awhile to see if I want to live there.
I would pay 2000-3000 pesos for a place but want cooking facilities as well as internet and cable.
Any suggestions”


I’ll make it short and sweet. Need to escape Canadian winter. Nov 16th
2015 to March 16th 2016.
Looking for a long term rental idea. 1 bedroom. I speak no Spanish but
lived in the Philippines for 4 years so understand the spanish culture

My budget is 1,000 and under. (Better around 6 to 700 month)
-close to beach areas”

Now these kind of questions I am getting every day.  So I decided to answer several of these questions all at one time.

First of all, Mahahual is not like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, where there are numerous apartment, condo, and house rental companies.  There are no websites with photos of places to rent and prices and things like that here in Mahahual.  Almost all of the rental properties here are individually owned, and not by corporations and companies like Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

People keep sending me emails and questions wanting photos of places to rent here.  I don’t have a lot of photos and information, I just know the people who have places to rent.  The best way to find a place here, is to come to Mahahual and look for yourself.  I have written numerous articles and posts about prices of rental properties here in Mahahual, and they are in te archives of this post.

At the moment I know of some condos around the corner from me, that rent for 6,000 pesos a month, and have all the amenities most people are looking for. These condos are furnished, a/c, internet, and are a five minute walk to the beach.  The are also two houses that I know of for 6,000 pesos a month in the Casitas, New Mahahual, that are also a five minute walk to the beach.

There are also several hotels I know of here that do long-term rentals for around 3,500 to 4,000 pesos a month.  They have internet, a/c, furnished, but do not have kitchens.

So if you are interested in renting I suggest you come down and look around, and explore your options.

“Hi I am due to visit Mahahual and I wanted to say that your information is really helpful as I have been struggling to plan my routes. It now seems that ADO bus will be a good option for me but I just wanted to check how safe it is as I will be a female travelling alone… I also wondered about where the luggage is stowed is it beneath the bus or in the carriage with you. Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks”

This is a good question, and I was set to answer this question, when one of my loyal readers who lives here did it for me.

“My husband recently arrived at 1120am to Cancun. He traveled from Cancun to PDC using the ADO bus right outside the terminal. Ended up having lunch in PDC and catching the 4:30 bus to Mahahual. He arrived Mahahual at 8:30pm. I think that fare was 320 pesos. I arrived with a girlfriend a week later and took same bus to PDC, FYI 156 pesos one way. Our luggage is stored below the bus. I have taken this route with a girlfriend several times. I would feel safe doing in alone. Just for safety, I would keep money with you. I have never had issues with my luggage but this last time, the bus driver wanted me to pay extra for the large pieces of luggage I had (9 between both of us). He said only 2 pieces per person was allowed but I have been traveling with lots of luggage forever and never experienced that. we gave him a five dollar tip and all was well. I stayed in Mahahual but my friend took a 7am ADO bus from Mahahual to Cancun airport for 337 pesos. It arrived at noon and her flight left at 2pm. She said she had to walk about 1/4 mile after he dropped her off to get to the terminal. The bus from Mahahual to Cancun was very convenient and cheaper then the cost of gas to drive her. There is also a bus that leaves Mahahual at 5pm. So this might work for your return. It stops in Tulum and PDC so if you need to get off there and spend the night, its convenient. Hope this helps.”

Good answer Donna N., I could not have done better myself.

“Yes this is really helpful thanks Donna. 🙂
The only thing I am a bit confused about is the ADO bus times as I picked up from the thread it is weekend only and one ADO per day. Have they increased the journies now to weekdays and having more than one journey a day? It’s just I don’t want to arrive on a day when there is no ADO.”

Another question from same reader, and Donna’s answer.

“the bus from airport to PDC is daily every 30 minutes. the bus from Mahahual to cancun only leaves 7am and 5pm. There are other ways and times to get from Mahahual to cancun but require more local buses or vans. You should be more concerned about getting here. Once you are here, go to Fernandos 100% Agave restaurant and they can show you where the store is to purchase your ticket for returning and give you options. Relax it will all be good.”

Like I said above Thanks Donna N., for your response to this question, I think it was very helpful.

Now some recent comments I have gotten.

“Hi…I’m from Columbia, SC and live in Cancun. Enjoy reading your blog. Good information.”

“Really like your posts, Stewart, and find myself agreeing with everything I’ve read. I also found International Living’s hard sell on certain countries a turnoff, as if they have money to gain from any property you buy there….I mean, living in another country is not just about buying cheap property, it’s about lifestyle, the people, the culture, how you feel there. Anyway, love your posts. Have been to Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, and I choose Mexico hands down. Will soon be making the move to live there 6 mths a year. Enjoy your time there and keep on blogging.”

This is a comment I got on the Casona Palms article I did.

“Beautiful! Heaven on earth. We stayed there the summer before last. Top Notch accommodations.”

Now a comment about Costa de Cocos in Xcalak.

“Beautiful little place he has there. We spent several afternoons fishing, snorkeling, and having a few beers there.”

This comment I got the other day from a Mexican travel business.

“Thanks for reminding us how great is our beautiful Mexico truly thanks.”

I hope I answered some questions you readers have, and if you have any more send them to me.  Things are really starting to pick up in Mahahual now that winter is approaching, and I think this is going to be the busiest year ever for me in Mahahual.  More later.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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