Villa Casona Palms Uvero, Mexico

I am getting bombarded with emails and requests from people looking for a place to rent for vacation during this winter. I am also getting a lot of requests concerning long term rentals here in Mahahual. So this week I am going to concentrate on vacation rentals and long term rentals. I will be posting and listing some of the options here in Mahahual for vacation rentals and long term rentals. Today I am going to share Villa Casona Palms, an exclusive vacation rental property in Uvero Beach, about 30 kilometers north of Mahahual. If you want to get away from it all, and live off the grid,Villa Casona Palms is for you. It is one of the nicer options here in Mahahual.
I will listing some more rentals and condos this week for rent.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Villa Casona Palms Uvero Beach, Mexico. Villa Casona Palms Uvero Beach, Mexico.

Last week I finally got the chance to go up to Uvero Beach and visit Villa Casona Palms. I have heard about the villa, and several people told me it was worth the trip north to see it, so last week I made the trip there.

Villa Casona Palms is owned and operated by Micheal Owen, originally from Great Britain. Micheal is one the locals here in Mahahual who I have come to know. So he invited to come look at his place, and we took the drive to Uvero.

Micheal told me his story on the trip up there. He retired in 2008 after spending 27 years in the corporate world in Europe. He retired in Belgium, and is married to a woman from Belgium , and has three children. Micheal is the son of a British diplomat, and has lived all over…

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