Busy Time of Year Here

I wrote this article last November, and I thought I would reblog today. It is still poignant this year, as last year. I was about to write another article about how it was starting to get busy here, and this article came up, so instead writing something today, I am going to share this, and then watch some NFL football.
And speaking of football, if any of you blog readers are coming to town, I could use some NFL hats to wear down here. All I have are South Carolina Gamecock hats, and they are getting old. I will wear any NFL team hat except Dallas Cowboys, and any college for that matter, except Clemson. It is hard to find good NFL hats and t-shirts here. Also MLB hats I could use. So if you have a favorite team bring me a hat or shirt to be represented in Mahahual.
Today is the “Day of the Dead” here in Mahahual, and tomorrow is “All Saints Day”, so it is a holiday weekend here. Also in Mahahual we are on Eastern Standard Time, just like the eastern part of the USA now, because we don’t move our clocks, and stay the same time year round. So now flights and cruise ship schedules are easier to figure out.
Sun is shining today, good breeze, and it is about 84 degrees at the moment.

Costa Maya Mahahual

Me in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan on bird watching tour to see the flamingos. Me in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan on bird watching tour to see the flamingos.

I have been getting a lot of interest and inquiries from a lot of you blog readers lately. I know a lot of them are because of the cold weather and the political climate in the USA now.

I have been very busy lately because of the factors I have listed above. I recently took two women from Quebec, Canada on a tour of Mahahual and Bacalar, and I just got home last night from going with a man from South Carolina, Bob Critser, on a birdwatching tour in Rio Lagartos in northern Quintana Roo. I have been a bus or car for the last two weeks, and have been all over the place down here.

Bob Critser birdwatching. Bob Critser birdwatching.

Pink Flamingos on salt flats on Los Colordos. Pink Flamingos on salt flats on Los Colordos.

Pelicans. Pelicans.

If you have any questions or inquiries about living…

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