An Alternative Way to Come to Mahahual, Cruise Ship

Dawn at Costa Maya Port.

Dawn at Costa Maya Port.

It is that time of year where some of the expats who live here, or own property here in Mahahual start showing up for the winter. The other day I was at Nam Nam eating lunch with Ron and Collen from Canada, who are here to check on their business at the port. While we were there I ran into an expat from Georgia who owns a condo here. She and her husband are readers of this blog, I have met several times here, and they are in town now checking on their condo on the malecon.

While we were talking she mentioned that she and her husband took a cruise ship a couple of weeks ago here to Mahahual, and got off the cruise ship here, with all their stuff.

I have heard of this before, and I met a guy once at the port who did this. A couple of years ago I met a man and his family who asked me to help them get transportation into town, because they were leaving the ship, and getting off in Mahahual. He told me he contacted the cruise line, and they set up everything for him and his family.

He told me that he and his family were going to spend a month in Mexico and then go to Cancun, and then fly back to the USA. He said he and his family were going to go to Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Merida, and several other locations on his family trip. So they decided to take a cruise ship to Mahahual, and start their tour of Mexico from there.

I thought this was maybe a one time occurrence, and this guy got special permission from somebody or knew somebody to get to do this. But in doing my research, I have found out that this is becoming a popular way now to come to Mexico.

But after talking to him a couple of years ago, and now after talking to the expats that got here on a cruise ship, I have realized that coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship, is another alternative on how to get here. It is actually in some cases cheaper to take a cruise ship to Mahahual, then to take a flight into Cancun, and take the bus down.

I get all kinds of emails and questions on about how to get to Mahahual, so this is one option I will now add. The expats that live here told me that they brought 10 bags and their 2 bikes, and all the stuff they need for their winter stay here in Mahahual at their condo. Now that is a lot better than taking an airline flight with all the baggage costs and other added charges.

They said they contacted the cruise line about a couple of months before their cruise, and the cruise line set up immigration to meet them on the ship, and handled their visas, and all of the other paperwork. They said it was pretty quick and efficient.

They basically got off the ship on the last day of their cruise, before the ship headed back to port. There was no added charges our anything else on their cruise, and basically all they missed on their cruise was the trip back to the USA. So all they paid was the regular cruise ship price, and then they will have to book a flight back to the USA from Cancun.

What I like about this option is, you can bring a bunch of more stuff with you on your trip to Mexico, than taking a regular flight. Plus you get to vacation on a cruise ship on your way down to Mahahual. Also some cruises are a lot cheaper than a round trip flight ticket from the USA sometimes, and you only have to get off here at port, with no bus or rent a car fees.

So if you are looking to visit or come to Mahahual in the future, you may want to take a cruise ship here, get off, and then spend your time here. I am going to recommend this to some people who want to come here, and I may try this myself in the future.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

2 thoughts on “An Alternative Way to Come to Mahahual, Cruise Ship

  1. Mark Maston says:

    Interesting concept of getting there with a cruise ship. By the way, isn’t Bob Critser a great person. I plan to go visit him this fall.

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