Mahahual Update October 2015

October 2015 was a big month here in Mahahual. The water park was opened to the public and residents of Mahahual amid great fanfare. Also the port started remodeling, and should be finished by December 1 of this year. Everything here is gearing for the upcoming cruise ship season, which should be the biggest year ever, and very profitable for Mahahual and Costa Maya.

Remodeling going on inside the Costa Maya Port.

Remodeling going on inside the Costa Maya Port.

port remodeling 2 port remodeling 3 port remodeling 4

The water park was opened for the residents of Mahahual on the weekend of October 24-25, and the people of Mahahual got to experience the water park and all of the activities for free. It was my understanding that over 1,000 people from Mahahual visited the park on Saturday, October 24. The Mahahual Day at the water park was a huge success.

Mahahual Day at the water park.

Mahahual Day at the water park.

water park opening 2

Also a big concern we have had here in Mahahual recently, the Sargasso seaweed washing up on the beaches, I can say now with certainty is over. A little bit has washed up on the shores here lately, but not like it did in the past year. The huge clumps of it that you used to see are gone, and now just small patches show up from time to time. So rest assured if you are coming here on vacation or on a cruise ship in the near future, the beaches will be free of Sargasso.

Seaweed back to normal in Mahahual.

Seaweed back to normal in Mahahual.

Beach yesterday.

Beach yesterday.

We have had a problem the last couple of weeks of a bunch of styrofoam and plastic washing up on the beaches here. I was told it may be from the cargo ship El Faro that sunk recently here in the Caribbean, but I am not sure, that is just speculation. All I know is garbage from all over the world washes up on the beaches in Mahahual, and it is not our , or Mexico’s garbage. The ocean currents bring garbage and refuse from all around the globe here to Mahahual, and I really have to commend the local people here for their daily routine of keeping the beaches clean for tourists. Trust me, it is a daily job here, and it is getting worse with all the garbage in the world’s oceans and seas.

This time of year, people are arriving daily in Mahahual from Canada and the USA.  As soon as it gets cold up north, Mahahual starts to fill up.  A lot of the regular Snow Birds are hitting town for the winter, and I talked to several of them last week.  There are also a lot of people coming to Mahahual for the first time.  I had two readers of this blog show up last month to live here.  One, a woman from Nebraska and her daughter, who wants to get away from the USA and chose to move to Mahahual, and a retired expat from the USA, who was living in Celestun, Mexico, but he decided to come to Mahahual to try it out.  They are now both living in New Mahahual,or Casitas.

There are also a lot of Europeans in town now, some tourists, and some in town looking for work.  So it is the start of high season here, and the cruise ships will start coming every day soon, and then the holidays.  So things are starting to get busy here, and I am ready for this high season, it should be the best since I have been here.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


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