Undertoe Stand Up Paddle Costa Maya, Mexico

I get a lot of questions and inquires on this blog from cruise ship tourists coming to Costa Maya Port concerning things or activities to do during their stay here.  One of the activities gaining a lot of popularity here in Mahahual is stand up paddle boards.

The reef here, and the calm waters make a perfect environment for paddle boards and cruising the beaches.  Every cruise ship day I see more and more people experiencing the waters of Mahahual on paddle boards.  I have to admit it is pretty cool to be sitting on the beach and watch a nice looking woman in a bikini go paddling by on a board.

Undertoe Mexico is owned and operated by two expats from the USA, Curt and Julie Devoir, and is the number one paddle board company for tourists in Costa Maya.  So if you are coming to Mahahual on a cruise ship, or coming for vacation check out their website and rent you a paddle board for the day.  The waters and the reef here are very beautiful, and there is no better way to experience this pristine environment than on a stand up paddle board.  Another perk of paddle boards is, you can get a get tan cruising the beaches here.

undertoe mexico

Stand Up Paddle

with Julie & Curt

A good sense of balance and enthusiasm is really all that is needed to paddle board in Costa Maya, Mexico!

Intro Lesson/Rental Package Includes YaYa Beach Club

Don’t get left behind the trend – SUP is one of the coolest water activities on the planet and Puerto Costa Maya is the perfect place to do it!

What is Stand Up Paddle?

Imagine the feel of gliding serenely across aquamarine Caribbean waters over a school of brilliantly colored tropical fish and ancient coral reefs.

It is almost like “walking on water”!

  SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle) make this possible.

UnderToe Mexico has the only PSUPA certified instructor in  Costa Maya who can TEACH you in English, all the basic techniques needed to stand up and paddle!


Detailed lessons to enhance your experience are provided.

Proper Stance

Efficient Paddle Stroke Technique

Necessary Water Safety

(It IS a water activity – you just may get WET)

We don’t just give you the equipment and a pat on the head with
“good luck out there”!

We really TEACH you to SUP Mexico!

SUP is easy to learn for ALL ages and levels of ability – it is fun and a perfect excursion for the entire family.

When booking “Things To Do In Costa Maya” why not choose something different?

Be one of the “smart travelers” reserving a top quality excursion directly with a local tour operator.

Great SERVICE for LOCAL prices!

Don’t pay the CRAZY rates charged on the ships.
Have a PERSONALIZED experience!
Why be part of a “herd” and forced to participate with a group of strangers?


*YaYa Beach Club is FREE if you choose to buy food and drink separately or YaYa Beach also offers an All-Inclusive option.

Contact Us

UnderToe SUP Adventures is located in the center of downtown Mahahual on the malecon
(a wide paved walkway along the beach front).
Our shop is located at

The safe and quaint village of Mahahual is just a 5 minute taxi ride from the port.

There are inside shuttles and outside taxis, both will drop you at the same location. Inside shuttles are operated by the port and are the easiest, but they take longer and cost more. They charge $3 per person but you often have to wait a few minutes for the bus to leave, and they have 3 stops before YaYa Beach. The outside taxis are much faster with no wait and they drive you directly to YaYa Beach, and they are only $2 per person.

If you want to take a taxi, you have to LEAVE the port area and walk about 100 yards to the outside taxi stand. The port staff will try direct you to their shuttles inside the port area.  Just say you are looking for the EXIT and not a taxi! 

The easiest way to get to the taxis quickly and miss most of the “hard sell” area –
walk into the commercial area from the pier, look up and to the right and you’ll see a tower with a set of stairs going up to it and an opening on the side. Go through that opening and you will emerge outside in the bus area, missing all the aggressive vendors. Turn left and follow the chain link fence to the exit.
You’ll see the taxi stand 100 yards away across from the Diamonds International store that is outside the port’s gate.

 If by chance you want to go through the commercial area and do get herded onto one of their shuttles, take stop number 3 which will drop you near YaYa Beach located between stop
number 3 and 4.

There is a large YaYa Beach sign on the building where the taxi will drop you off.  Walk toward the water under the pergola between the 2 white buildings with YaYa painted on the side and you will find UnderToe SUP Adventures on your right – just behind the palapa bar and La Dolce Vida ice cream store.

If you walk down the malecon to YaYa Beach from Tropicante, you will pass
Hotel Caballo Blanco and YaYa will be next door (coming from the lighthouse).
If you are coming from Nohoch Kay, YaYa Beach is located next door to the hotel
Nacional Beach Club and Bungalows.

Look for our logo signs! 

Please email with questions:


+1-360-994-0054 USA Phone Contact (call, txt or whatsapp)

Book Our Activities!


TEAM UnderToe

Dreams Really Do Come True!

Living in Mexico had been a life long dream,
and here is our story.

Curt and Julie Devoir of the Pacific Northwest joined Team UnderToe in early 2015. Both water lovers with a passion for stand up paddle, sailing, and diving. Their goal is to introduce exciting new tours and excursions while expanding the UnderToe Mexico lesson program.  Bringing a solid commitment to all clients of Puerto Costa Maya to make their SUP day on the water a safe and wonderful experience.

Julie learned how to swim before she could even walk! Growing up, she and her family spent many winters frolicking on the beaches of Hawaii. Julie considers herself part fish! Julie is PSUPA (Professional Standup Paddleboard Association) certified by Rob Casey. She is also experienced with SUP racing, SUP Surfing, long distance and downwind runs on the Pacific waters of the northwest and Hawaii. She earned her yoga instructors certification to enhance enable her to share the SUP Yoga experience.

Curt, grew up in Washington state and was the youngest of six children. He joined the military after high school graduation to explore the world. While Curt was a Marine he met, fell in love with and married Julie.  They spent the next several years living exploring exciting new places. While stationed in Hawaii  Curt became a PADI Certified Divemaster.


Julie and Curt had discovered sailing while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands. They started with a 23′ Hunter sailboat that they quickly outgrew and then moved up to a 34′ catamaran taking many long sailing trips with their two children.  During one of their sailing excursion while anchored in a quiet bay, they saw a girl on a SUP board – Julie knew she HAD to give that a try. Curt, bought Julie her first SUP board as a birthday present shortly thereafter. After the very first time Julie paddled the Puget Sound waters, she realized ONE was not enough.  They both quickly fell in love with the sport.  Finding great enjoyment  with introducing friends and family to Standup Paddle Boarding they started their own “SUP-Fari PaddleBoard Adventure” business. Living in a small coastal town in Washington, allowed them to take adventurous paddle boarders on remote excursions, but the seasons were short and the waters were cold.


Their combined love for the water and wanting to live once again in a tropical environment led them to create a 5 year plan to sell their house and get a bigger boat that they could live aboard.  Then they could sail the South Pacific or the Caribbean until they found the perfect place to drop anchor.

Well, plans sometimes change. While enjoying a glass of wine on a cool winter evening in front of a glowing fire. Julie’s tablet pinged and she noticed a news release on SUP Connect had popped up announcing an opportunity in Mexico, to buy a successful stand up paddle board business. Their five year plan quickly became a THREE MONTH plan.


Within their first few months at UnderToe Mexico, they have already introduced SUP Yoga sessions, advanced out of the area SUP excursions, different board styles to accommodate various conditions and skill levels and Land Paddling which combines long boards with the full core workout of SUPing.

UnderToe Mexico SUP Adventures wants to ensure future generations an opportunity to enjoy the second largest barrier reef in the world.
I asked Kurt and Julie to give me their thoughts on living and doing business in Mahahual as expats from the USA, and they sent me this statement which I will share intact.

“As an expat doing business in Mahahual, for the most part we have found other expats, local businesses and Mexican Nationals to be very supportive and helpful. There have been so many challenges we have encountered and have been able to get through them with the community’s and our new friends support. Our son and daughter both gave up friends, fast food and a lot of the modern conveniences they had grown accustomed to from the states, but in return they are gaining knowledge and experiences that could never be learned in suburbia. While they will both move back to the states when the time is right, we know they will have benefited from their time here. We believe moving to Mahahual was the best decision we have ever made.”  Kurt and Julie Devoir


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina


2 thoughts on “Undertoe Stand Up Paddle Costa Maya, Mexico

  1. Stewart Bradley says:

    Hi Stewart… ” Scottish Stew” is heading to Mahahual” tomorrow ( dec 14). Hoping to head to Posadadel puerto but can’t get a hold of them. Are they still open? Numbers are not working. Please message seeembe@hotmail.com if you have any info. Hope to meet up with you! Scottish Stew

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