Questions and Comments about Mahahual, November 2015


It is that time of year, and I am getting a lot of questions and comments about Mahahual.  Here are some the recent questions and comments I have gotten lately, and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

These first two questions are from the same person.

“I am on the way down after new year, driving a motor home. Are there RV parks there or near. My goal is to see xcalac too,”

“I love your articles. I and hubby am on the road in my motorhome. Will cross the boarder some whare in AZ. I am trying to get to xcalac. I know is far but I want to see as much of Mexico as posible . I found a mapping person called
I have ordered his maps. So here I come.
Hope I get that far I want to meet you.”

Very good question, first there are no RV parks here in Mahahual or Xcalak like you see in the USA and Canada.  I know there is a nice RV park in Caldaritas, near Chetumal because I have been there.

The RV park in Caldaritas had a pool, bar, and a restaurant, and it is the only one like it I have seen personally in Mexico on the Mexican Caribbean.  I am sure there are RV parks in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, but I have never seen one.

There is a place in Mahahual that I know accepts campers and RVs and is on the south end of the malecon on the beach, on the other side of Macho’s bar and hostel.  I used to ride my bike by there every day, so I noticed the sign.  It is not a RV park per se, but just electric hook ups I think.

I also knew of a woman who rented some beach property on the south end of town, and parked her RV there for like six months.  I also know of some other people who would probably rent some beach space for a RV.  Trust me if you bring a RV here there are plenty of options, just not RV parks per se.

Let me know when you are arriving and I will see what I can find out for you.

“We’ll be in Costa Maya on Christmas Eve … any suggestions of what to see and do for the holiday?”

Another good question.  There are usually cruise ships in town on Christmas Day, and there will also be cruise ships here in Mahahual this Christmas Day.  There will also be cruise ships in town on Christmas Eve this year.

Christmas Eve and Day are very different here in Mahahual compared to the USA and Canada.  They don’t go all hog-wild with decorations and lights and all the other commercial aspects of the holiday you see in the USA.  In fact Christmas sneaks up on me every year here, because it is so low-key here in Mahahual.

As far as things to do, or suggestions, I would say, spend Christmas Eve on the beach, or at the new water park.  Have a nice dinner on the beach and malecon on Christmas Eve, I have done that before.  The beach for some reason takes on a special beauty on  Christmas Eve I have noticed.

So I guess I would say, snorkel, scuba dive, paddle board, or just sit on the beach and read on Christmas Eve, how many more times in your life will you get to spend Christmas on the beach.

Below is a good question about getting tickets to the water park.

“I have a trip planned the end of November. Can I purchase in advance tickets to the waterpark? Or can they only be purchased at the gate that day?”

I don’t think at the moment you can buy tickets in advance for the water park, or do you need to.  If you are on a cruise ship, as soon as you get off the ship onto the pier, there will be people standing there that will be selling tickets for the water park.  I worked at the port last week helping out sell tickets to the water park, and other tours, and there are plenty of tickets available, no need to buy in advance.

If you are not on a cruise ship, just go to the front gate of the park and you can get your tickets for that day, or for a day in the future.  The park has just opened so there are plenty of tickets and availability.

My first hat of the year, a Virginia Tech Hokie hat, brought to me by 2 blog readers that are here this week in Mahahual.

My first hat of the year, a Virginia Tech Hokie hat, brought to me by 2 blog readers that are here this week in Mahahual.

I met a fellow blogger yesterday in Mahahual, and they brought me the above hat in the photo.  the blog they write is and I have shared their blog on this blog in the past.

They are now in town enjoying some scuba diving, and staying in my old place in the apartment above the Tropicante.  I talked to them on the beach yesterday, and they seem to be having a good time.

They said this blog was very helpful, and was about their only source of information they could find about Mahahual on the internet.  They are using Moises from Buceando Mahahual for their scuba diving.  They also used the AGI shuttle to get here, which I have written about in the past.  They are even renting the apartment above the Tropicante for the week.  So I am glad they have discovered Mahahual for the first time, and are enjoying themselves.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

One thought on “Questions and Comments about Mahahual, November 2015

  1. Donna Norstadt says:

    For those driving to Mexico. There is a new FREE app you can download called “Navmii”. It uses maps of whatever country you need to navigate without using cellular data. I just got it and it works in Mexico. So for all those with smart phones, download this and turn your cellular data off at the border. It doesn’t even need wifi. There is also a place called Paamul, just south of Playa Del Carmen. They may allow RV parking space.

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