How to get a credit card as a foreigner in Mexico

How to get a credit

card as a foreigner in


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If you plan to settle down in Mexico, you may want to consider using the local financial services.





Stop getting charged more than you should in money transfers and fees (as ATM usage).

As a foreigner in Mexico it is difficult, but it is possible, to have access to financial services. To save you some time, we asked several banks what is required to get a credit card. All banks have the same basic requirements. Here they are:

  • Immigration form

Santander and HSBC require you to have the Temporary Residence Visa. Banamex asks for the Temporary Residence or Permanent Residence Visa. Bancomer also requires the Temporary Residency.

  • Passport

It is used as an official identification.

3. Proof of address

They will send your account balances to this address. They accept telephone, water and electricity bills. These should not be older than three months. Some banks ask for the last three monthly bills.

  1. Monthly income

It depends on the financial product you want. We checked the monthly income necessary for basic credit cards in five banks.

  • Santander:  For the Santander Light you need $7,500 MXN.
  • HSBC: The Classic credit card requires an income of $5,000 MXN.
  • Banamex: For the B-Smart you need $7,000 MXN.
  • BBVA Bancomer: The Blue Credit requires $6,000 MXN.
  1. Proof of Income

You can use your pay slips, status of investments or checks or your last tax declaration. These should not be older than these months. Some banks ask for the last three monthly pay slips.

  1. Good credit score

If you have a bad score, your application won’t succeed. If you don’t have a grade, ask for a small personal loan and pay it on time. So you can have a good grade.


If you already have a bank account, it is easier to get a credit card, because you already have a record with that bank. If not, open a savings account with the bank before applying for a credit card.

Final recommendations

  • A credit card is a financial commitment. You HAVE to pay, if not your credit score will be bad.
  • Because it is credit, you pay more for your purchases.

Good luck on getting established!


Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

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