Lots of Interest in Real Estate in Mahahual This Year

Costa Maya Mahahual

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For the last three years I have been working at the port selling tours to cruise ship tourists. Another part of my job was to hang around when the people came back to the port from their tours, or a trip into Mahahual, and answer any questions concerning real estate or about living in Mahahual. I usually would talk to 2 or 3 people a day, give them some brochures, maps, and anything else. they were interested in. Now that I am on the malecon in Mahahual, I am talking to 10 or 20 people a day when cruise ships are in town now.

At the port the hardest part of my job was to get people to leave the port and go into town or on a tour. A lot of the tourists were scared to leave the port or go into town, because of all they hear about…

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How to Watch American Football (Pro and College) in Mahahual

My newe football, fresh from the USA.

My new football, fresh from the USA.

I got a question the other day on this blog that I am a true expert at, watching football.  I watch American football all the time on my computer here in Mahahual, and in fact I have not missed a South Carolina Gamecock  football game in the whole seven years I have been in Belize and Mahahual.

This past Saturday I watched six college football games, and one NFL game on my computer, which is a personal best for me.  There were no cruise ships in town this past Saturday, and I watched football all day, from 11am to midnight.  All for free on my computer, using different websites that have pro and college football games.

I got this question the other day from a blog reader, and I will answer it now.

“Stewart, can you explain how to stream football in Mahahual. Will be at our villa for the super bowl?
We have internet.. what more do we need? any info would be great!”

Great question, and I will answer now with all the options I use to watch football.

First of all, all you need is good internet to watch football in Mahahual.  I have internet now from Costa Maya Communications, but almost any internet will do.  I know a lot of people that hook their computer and internet to their television and watch it that way.  In fact I have hooked up my Iphone to a TV and watched it that way.

I will now go into all the websites that I use to watch football and never miss a game.  Now there are several out there, but these are the ones I have been using the last four or five years here in Mahahual.  I know the college bowl season is under way now, and the NFL playoffs start next week, so I hope these websites will help some of you be able to watch your teams, and answer the above question.

The first and most popular choice to watch football from network television is http://www.tvnow.com.  TVNow is a free website that has all the major networks CBS,ABC, FOX, NBC, and PBS.  You can watch all games on these networks, like playoff games, and the Super Bowl on USTVNow.  The website is free and is for expats and servicemen overseas, and all you have to do is sign up.  You can also watch and record all the network shows that you like back home in the USA.

It takes like 2 minutes to sign up for USTVNow, and all you need is a passport.  There are also upgrades to this service, and you can pay so much a month to add channels, like ESPN and HBO.  This a very popular website, so be forewarned on big games like the Super Bowl, you may not be able to log on, because of all the traffic at one time.  So because of this, be prepared to have a back up website.  This reason I know this is because one year in trying to watch the Super Bowl, I could not get in, and had to use another website.

The second option, and the one I use the most is First Row Sports out of England, http://www.firstrowi.eu.  With First Row you can get any college or pro football game being televised anywhere.  This is where I watch most of my University of South Carolina games, and any other college or pro games not on network TV.  I mean you can get Cecil’s Business College playing Slippery Rock State Teachers College, if you wish, they have every college game being played in the USA.

I also watch NFL Redzone, College Game Day, and NCAA Goal Line on First Row.  In fact the only game I have never been able to pick up in seven years on First Row Sports, was last weeks Clemson-South Carolina basketball game, which we ended up listening to on radio. On First Row there are several pop ups you have to go through to get to the game, but it is free, so I don’t mind.

The stream on First Row Sports is excellent, and I watch a lot of games on this website.  I have even talked to the guys that run this website by email, and they told me they have to change website address every year, because the FCC in the USA keeps trying to block them.  So they send me an email every year on where the website is, so I get free football every year, and I like free stuff.  You can also watch baseball, hockey, cricket, basketball, racing, and any other sport that is televised, any where in the world.

Other options to watch football, ESPN, and other sports games are http://www.cricfreetv.com and http://www.tvtoss.com.  You can watch ESPN and all college and pro football games on these websites also, out of Europe.  What is different about these websites that is different from watching the games in the USA is, sometimes you get commercials from England and Europe, which is pretty cool.

There are also several other websites like http://www.watchseries.li and http://www.tvrush.eu that you can watch television shows from all over the world for free.  I watch shows like “Game of Thrones”, “Fargo”, and other shows I like on these websites.

If you are in Mahahual and want to watch the NFL playoffs or the Super Bowl with a crowd, Padrino’s is your best bet.  I have watched the Super Bowl the last two years there, and it is always a good time, and fun.  Just be sure to make reservations.

So today I hope I have answered the question of how to watch the Super Bowl online, or streaming in Mahahual.  If anyone else has any more questions on how to watch sports or television in Mahahual, fell free to submit them, this is a subject right up in my wheelhouse.

Thanks for reading,

Stewart Rogers USA-South Carolina

Ocean View Lots for $36,000 in Mahahual

Costa Maya Mahahual

View form lots. View form lots.

Last week I was on the malecon, and I met a nice couple from Oregon who were in town to look around Mahahual and check it out.  They were here on vacation, and they had read my blog, so they decided to come find me on the malecon.  They said they had been looking for me all week, and this was their last day in town, and they were going to Bacalar later in the afternoon.  They wanted to meet me and talk to me about getting some property here, and they had discovered Mahahual after reading my blog.

They informed me that they had been trying to see some real estate, but an American realtor here would not return their phone calls.  (Trust me this happens a lot with a certain realtor here).  I said yes I understand i get that complaint from people all the…

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